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Iím proud of my state.

It is so beautiful and great!

It has a lot of limitless steppes, high mountains,

Deep rivers and lakes.

There are big towns in Kazakhstan:

Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda.

Among giant mountains there is a wonderful Bukhtarma,

Where we always swim and bathe.

The Kazakh, German and Russian live in independent Kazakhstan.

They are happy and free like an eagle in the blue sky.

They will be able to keep the experience of the past.

They can light the belief in happiness in their hearts.

Sovereignty, honour and fatherís precept will keep

The country and state language for their descendants.


Volzhenina E.N.



My Kazakhstan Ė my native country

Ií m proud of being your citizen

Ií m not the only who is defended here.

But millions of my fellow-citizens

Sharing equal rights and freedom

They are of different nations Ė

Kazakhs and Russians and Azerbaijanians

United by my sovereign Kazakhstan

They do their best to keep

And strengthen friendship

To hand it down forever!

I dream my country to be admired

By all the peoples of the world

And its traditions should be forgotten never!

I want to help it with all my heart and soul

Iíll do some special deeds for you my country

When Ií m twenty Ė three.



There is a golden sun in the sky.

There is a golden grain in the steppe

There is a legend about the bravery of my land.

There is a beautiful country on the Eurasian continent.


It is a place where our glory was born in ancient times.

It is a place where peace and freedom always prosper.

It is a place where nature is so nice.

It is a place where people are so hospitable.


Oh, my Kazakhstani people, oh, my country!

Iím your flower which grows here.

Iím your song which everybody sings.


I have a wonderful space.

I have an open way to the future.

I have independent united friends.

Iím proud of them and all my majestic country!


Volzhenina E.N.


I love my country, my Kazakhstan,

Its beautiful nature and its golden Sun.

I love its steppes and the blue sky.

I'm its daughter that is why.

We live in peace with different nations

We have many friends all over the world.

We are the future generation

We are responsible for the World.



Be proud, my country, of your friendly people.

Live in peace for ever with your friends.

May there always be in the sky your eagle.

Be happy my dear, dear Motherland!


Zatsarina L.A.


Kazakhstan is good, Kazakhstan is great.

We are not full of anger or hate.

We love all nations, we love every face,

But we will fight for freedom with God's amazing grace.

We do not like to fight, we do not like to kill.

But we will fight for freedom, if war is what you will.

Kazakhstan is good, Kazhsatan is great,

We are not full of anger or hate.


Mishenko T.F.



Oh, my luckless Kazakh, my unfortunate kin,

An unkempt moustache hides your mouth and chin.

Blood on your right cheek, fat on your left Ė

When will the dawn of your reason begin?


Your looks are not bad and your numbers are vast,

Yet why do you change your favors so fast?

You will never listen to sound advice,

Your tongue in its rashness is unsurpassed.


Unable to manage your property,

Day and night, care and worry are all you see,

Now haughty, now wearing a look of offence,

Constant ia nought but inconstancy.


All sorts of scurvy, and petty scum

Have crippled your soul for years to come.

No hope of improvement have you until

Master of your own fate you become.

Kinsmen for trifles each other hate.


God bereft them of reason Ė such is their fate.

No honor, no harmony, only dissent;

No wonder cattle is scarcer of late.

Over money and power hostilities rage.

You look on while your lords in wrangles engage.

If you fail to cast off those honourless knaves

Fear and shame will your lot be through age after age.

How can your heart be at ease, I ask,

If you canít even face the easiest task?

If you cannot muster firmness and pluck,

My folk, you will always be out of luck,

Yet if anyone tells you the right thing to do

You abuse and revile him, so stupid are you.


Serikbayeva G.K.





Oh, Kazakhstan, Iím in love with you

Remember, Kazakhstan, you are great

Not in the field of battles past

But in the green fields full of wheat.

And forests, gardens free of dust.

I love you deeply, dear land,

Your hills and rivers, sand on strand.

Your songs and dances, lakes and seas,

Your beasts and fish, birds in trees,

Your sunrise is a splendid sight,

Which gives me always such delight!

My Kazakhstan, you are my life!

That is so happy in your wide

And endless, awesome Ė heavenís hight

That gives to fertile soil its light.

Beneath the great sun lies my land.

So vast and marvellous and grand!

The spirits of your fathers

Shall start from every blade.

For the steppe was their field of fame

And the steppe was their grave.

The glorious flag of Kazakhstan

Will always wave and shine

Like its gleaming blue of heaven

And golden sunshine divine.

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