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“He lived at speed, and died at speed!” - the colleagues said about Boris Aleksandrov.

Boris Aleksandrov won ice arenas of national and world championships. He was a member of the national hockey team of the country and took part in the tournament between the USSR and Canada. Certainly, one of the most important achievements in hockey career of Boris Aleksandrov was a title of the Olympic champion in Innsbruck in 1976.Once Anatoly Firsov said: “He was one of the most talented players of the Soviet hockey”.

Boris Aleksandrov was born on the 13th of November, 1955 in Ust-Kamenegorsk .His way to glory began in his native town. His father became the first teacher for Boris though mother didn’t approve her son’s hobby. But young Borya said: “Mum, I cannot live without hockey!” And he wrote in his application, “I ask you to accept me in children hockey school. Borya Aleksandrov. September 15, 1967”. The sport club “Altai” has been keeping his application since that time.

At the age of 17 he was accepted in the basic team of “Torpedo”. Then there were Russian teams CSKA, SKA MVO, “Spartak”, and “Torpedo” again. Boris Aleksandrov was invited to the Italian club “Milan- Saima” in 1989 and in Hungarian “Ferentsvarosh in 1990. He played in the team “The Stars of Russia” from 1990 till 1994. Nowadays every beginner in hockey dreams to put on a games shirt with # 23 because Aleksandrov is the best forward in hockey till now. He threw 605 pucks during the career of hockey player. These are Boris Aleksandrov’s words: “They say hockey, talent, glory. But I would like to say the main is persistence!” That quality helped him to be not only the best player but to graduate from Ust- Kamenogorsk Pedagogical Institute. Boris Aleksandrov was the head coach of “Torpedo” and national team of Kazakhstan from 1995 till 2002. His management helped the national team to be successful at the Olympic Games -1998 in Nagano.

This outstanding person has left a bright trace in the history of the Soviet, Kazakhstan and international hockey. Boris Aleksandrov had ranks of “Master of sports of the international class of the USSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Deserved trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “The Honored worker of culture”.

Unfortunately, the legendary player and trainer was tragically lost in accident in 2002. His son Victor continues the father’s way. He plays in Russian hockey clubs. The Palace of Sport in Ust-Kamenogorsk was named after Boris Aleksandrov in 2010.


Ø Answer the questions:

1. When was Boris Aleksandrov born?

2. What was the most important achievement of Boris Aleksandrov?

3. How many pucks did Boris Aleksandrov throw?

4. What was the main quality of Boris Aleksandrov?

5. What ranks did Boris Aleksandrov have?


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