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What should do the government to encourage people to drive less?



Olefin isomerization is example of unwanted reactions in olefin metathesis with unknown mechanism (what mechanism? Metathesis?). Self-metathesis and isomerization of (Z)-5-tert-butyldimethyl-silyloxy-2-pentenoate served as an excellent system for initially studying the effects of additives on the isomerization process. According to experiment acid-type compound work well in preventing olefin migration during olefin metathesis reactions. Which additive works the best? Give RECOMMENDATION

Graphical Abstract 40oC - correct, Why CD2Cl2? what is 2?, what is additive – specify. Use simpler or more generalized structures..

What should do the government to encourage people to drive less?

I think that Parliament should be more concerned about the transport system, namely, the unit of public transport. So, to get people to drive less by car, the government simply must offer an alternative form of transport: the people must trust public transportation and it should be comfortable should go on a regular basis in order to avoid the crowding in buses, trolleybus.

In addition, it is necessary to build bike paths, as is done in many European countries: Germany, France, etc. , so that people have the opportunity to ride a bike.

Still need show people that the earth is not eternal and that our environment is slowly seeks to ensure that our children will not know what fresh air mean, and this is detrimental to humanity. Offer an alternative for small movements in the city - a bicycle, this practice only in some cities of the world.

Also, the government should draw the attention of citizens to eco-cars, and does not itself establish the country's economy on oil, because oil is also not an infinite resource, which, according to scientists, would last only a few years. And, of course, the government itself should allocate funds for the development of technologies related to eco-cars.


Quality papers or yellow press

Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.[1] Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.[1] By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.[2]

Campbell (2001) defines yellow press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion. The term was extensively used to describe certain major New York City newspapers about 1900 as they battled for circulation.

Frank Luther Mott (1941) defines yellow journalism in terms of five characteristics [3]:

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.

And two words about quality papers:

It contains Britain’s oldest national daily newspaper, The Times, and its sister paper, The Sunday Times. Both papers are renowned for the high quality of their news and current affairs reporting and authoritative comment on a wide range of issues. Letters to the Editor are included with effect from April 1991. News agency items, extract from books, articles by specific authors, entertainments listings, tabular information, and articles from The Sunday Times Magazine , are not included. The Times is a respected source of news and comment on UK and international issues, business, finance, law and current affairs. It was founded in 1785.

I think that, basically, young people prefer the yellow press, as it is easier to understand, because to look at other people's lives much more interesting than reading something about the dull economy, another thing is that in this case, you have read the literature, rather than unverified facts about the questionable stars.


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