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Batyrhan Shukenov is a famous Kazakh and Russian pop singer. He was born on 18 May, 1962, in the city of Kyzyl Orda.

Batyrhan Shukenov’s musical talent began to be shown in his earliest school age. The guitar was the first musical instrument he was interested in.

In 1979 Batyrhana Shukenov entered the State Institute of Culture in Leningrad. Nowadays it’s St. Petersburg. Batyr’s purpose was to raise his professional level and skill there. When he arrived in the cultural capital of the former Soviet Union he had in his hands a saxophone, which was one of several musical instruments he had mastered. Batyrhan lived in St. Petersburg for two years. Nowadays he remembers that period of his life as the most significant in his career growth.

Having graduated from the institute, Batyrhan returned home and entered the Kurmangazy Almaty State Conservatory. There he got acquainted with the well-known Soviet jazz musician George Metaksoy and began to act with such famous musician as Tahir Ibragimov and the group “Boomerang”.

Then he was invited to a well-known group “Araj”. After a year of work in this group Batyr was awarded the title of a prize-winner of the all-union competition of variety actors of the USSR.

From 1985 to 1986 Batyrhan was serving in the Central Asian Military orchestra. Having served in the Army, Batyrhan began to play in the group “Almata”. Later the group was renamed in “Almata Studio”, and even later in “A’ Studio”.

Batyr Shukenov wrote songs for “A’ Studio” and had worked at Alla Pugachyova’s Theatre for thirteen years. The song Julia, which was written in those years, is still Batyr’s visiting-card.

After a while Batyrhan decided to create his own solo project. His first solo album was recorded in the Kazakh language and was called "Otan Ana" (the Native Land).

Twice the musician won the “Altyn Adam” prize in the “Person of the Year” nomination, also received the independent reward “Platinum Tarlan” in the "Music" nomination and the award of “Person of the Year” having taken part in an international musical competition.




Ø Answer the following questions:

1. What is Batyr Shukenov’s occupation?

2. When and where was he born?

3. When did his musical talent begin to be shown?

4. What musical instruments can he play?

5. What institutes did he graduate from?

6. What groups did he play in before and after having served in the Army?

7. Where did he serve in the Army?

8. What song is his visiting-card?

9. What were the first and the second names of the group “A’Studio”?

10. When did he decide to create his own solo project?

11. What period of his life does he remember as the most significant?

12. What was the name of his first solo album?

13. What rewards has he got?


Ø Complete the following sentences:

1. Batyrhan Shukenov’s musical talent began to be shown ...

2. The first musical instrument he was interested in was …

3. Having entered the State Institute of Culture in Leningrad Batyr’s purpose was …

4. Batyrhan returned home and …

5. After serving in the Army Batyrhan began …

6. For thirteen years Batyr Shukenov …

7. His first solo album was recorded in …



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