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Ø Pre-reading task:

1. What rivers of Kazakhstan do you know?

2. What rivers are there in our region? Read the text and answer the questions.


The Irtysh is the deepest river in Kazakhstan. Only 1400 kilometers of its 4248 kilometers length* are within* the Republic. Springing* from the western slopes* of the Mongolian Altai mountains at an altitude of 2500 meters, «Kara Ertys» or the «Black Irtysh», flows into Lake Zaisan. The outlet* waters from Zaisan Lake are called the ‘Irtysh’ river. Its width* varies from 120 to 150 meters.

On the map of Kazakhstan it crawls* like a blue ribbon across two oblasts: East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar. One of the longest rivers in the world, it travels from the Mongolian Altai mountains through Lake Zaisan, courses in a northern direction into a narrow canyon through the mountains, flows past Ust-Kamenogorsk, and slows its pace* over the west-Siberian plain near Semipalatinsk. Thousands of motorboats, barges and passenger ships ply* the full length of this navigable* river.

Two large hydroelectric stations supply electric power for the region, and the third is under construction. Many towns, villages, large factories, plants and integrated works* line* the banks of the Irtysh.



Ø Are the sentences true or false? Correct false sentences.

a. The Irtysh is one of the deepest rivers in Kazakhstan.

b. The Irtysh springs from the western slopes of the Mongolian Altai Mountains.

c. The Irtysh crawls through Almaty, East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, and North Kazakhstan oblasts.

d. There are two hydroelectric stations on this river.

e. The Irtysh is the longest river in the world.

f. The Irtysh is called ‘White Irtysh’ and flows into Lake Markakol.


Ø Write a similar text about other rivers of our region.


Ø Draw a map of our region and mark these rivers on it.


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