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The main law of the state – the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted in 1995. According to the Constitution the Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a presidential form of government, which proclaims itself as a democratic, secular, legal and social state. The president of the state is elected for a five-year term by universal, equal and direct voting. The first President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbaev was elected in 1991. His term was extended by the national referendum (1995) to the year 2000, and then to the year 2005.

The highest representative body that performs legislative functions is the Parliament of the Republic. The Parliament consists of two chambers: the Senate and the Majilis acting on a permanent basis. The Senate is formed of 47 deputies (40 of which are two persons, elected from each region; seven deputies are appointed by the President of the Republic). Majilis consists of 67 deputies, elected by one-mandate constituencies (territorial parts). The period between Parliamentary elections is four years.

The Government implements the executive power in the country. It is headed by the Prime Minister who is appointed by the President with the approval of the Parliament. The Government is responsible for its work to the President and the Parliament.

The judicial system of the republic is represented by the Supreme Court and the local courts of the state. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body for civil and criminal cases. The legacy of their actions is under the control of the Constitutional Council, which consists of 7 members who are elected for a period of 6 years.

Local representative and executive bodies exercise control over regional matters. Local representative bodies (Maslikhats) express the will of the population of the corresponding administrative – territorial units. An oblast’s administrative government led by an Oblast Akim oversees executive power in each of Kazakhstan’s regions (Oblasts). Oblast Akims are nominated by the Prime Minister and appointed by the President.


Ø Answer the questions:

1. What is the main law of the state?

2. When was the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted?

3. Who is the first President of Republic of Kazakhstan?

4. How many deputies is the Senate formed by?

5. Who is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan now?

6. Do you know any other information about the political system of Kazakhstan?

7. What do you know about foreign policy?


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