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However, World War II changed everything.

Wartime women had to forger 600 years of British

cooking, learn to do without foreign imports, and ration

their use of home – grown food. The Ministry of Food

published cheap, boring recipes. The joke of the war

was a dish called Woolton Pie (named after the Minister

for Food!). This consisted of a mixture of boiled

vegetables covered in white sauce with mashed potato on the top. Britain never managed to recover from the wartime attitude to food. We were left with a loss of confidence in our cooking skills and after years of Ministry recipes we began to believe that British food was boring, and we searched the world for sophisticated, new dishes which gave hope of a better future. The British people became tourists at their own dining tables and in the restaurants of their land! This is a tragedy! Surely food is as much a part of our culture as our landscape, our language, and our literature. Nowadays, cooking British food is like speaking a dead language. It is almost as bizarre as having a conversation in Anglo-Saxon English!

5. However, there is still one small ray of hope. British pubs are often the best places co cat well and cheaply in Britain, and they also increasingly try to serve tasty British food. Can we recommend to you our two favourite places to cat in Britain? The Shepherd’s Inn in Melmerby, Cumbria, and the Dolphin Inn in Kingston, Devon. Their steak and mushroom pie, Lancashire hotpot, and bread and butter pudding are three of the gastronomic wonders of the world!


Choose the best answer, a, b or c.

1. The writers believe that British cooking ...

A has always been very bad.

B was good until World War II.

C is good because it is so international.

2. They say that the British ...

A eat only traditional British food in their homes.

B don’t like cooking with foreign ingredients.

C buy lots of foreign ingredients

3. They say that the British weather…

A enables the British to produce good quality food.

B often ruins fruit and vegetables.

C is not such an important influence on British food as foreign trade.

4. They say that World War 11 had a great influence on

British cooking because...

A traditional British cooking was rediscovered and some good cheap recipes were produced.

B people had limitless supplies of home-grown food.

C people started to believe that British rood was boring, so after the war they wanted to cook more interesting and international dishes.

5. They say that ...

A British tourists try lots of new dishes when they are abroad.

B nowadays it is very unusual for British people to cook British food.

C literature and language are more culturally important than food.

6. The writers’ final conclusion about British cooking is that ...

A there is no hope.

B you will only be able lo gel British food in expensive restaurants.

C you will be able to get more good traditional British dishes, especially in pubs.


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