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Freezone is an UK based internet service provider, offering its customers a wide

variety of specialist internet solutions. Our website hosts a number of different packages, including a comprehensive range of hosting; online marketing and website development options. Our E-shop package, with an extremely user-friendly administration panel allows you to upload the unlimited number of products. This package is now only £14,99/Month! With hosting packages from £1.49* /Month including a free domain name up to dedicated servers with 99.9%. uptime. We are proud of our FREE UK based technical support, real people to support your online business.


l&l Internet limited

l&l is proud to be the world's largest web hosting company offering leading products at great prices with a 60 day money-back guarantee on all web hosting products. We also understand that not everyone is a technical genius, so all of our programs are easy and enjoyable to use. And if you ever have any questions, we offer 24/7 express support provided by our friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always there to help.

Our whole approach to business is based on trust. We are for clear pricing, the price you see is the price you pay. What's more, most people who buy from l&l will receive a software package worth £400 and a comprehensive range of free web services.

Our massive investment in research and development ensures that l&l lead the field as innovators in web hosting technology. We've invested 15mln in the world's most advanced data centres which surpass all standards in safety, power, connectivity, hardware, and security. When combined with the industry's fastest connectivity at 18,000 MBit, it means we can provide you with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

In recent years, l&l UK has won a number of awards for quality and performance in web hosting.

For everything you need to know about l&l and our full range of products and services, please visit to our website now!



Formed in 1996, Netcetera is one of Europe's leading Web Hosting service providers, with customers in over 60 countries worldwide. We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1999. Netcetera provides complete solutions for Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, eCommerce, E-mail, Dedicated Server Hosting and providing advanced hosting services for the Microsoft platform. Every aspect of Netcetera has been done to achieve the highest quality of service possible for customers with applications that are the most important to your business. "Our mission is to become one of the top 5 European providers of Internet Hosting and E-Commerce Solutions to the Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) market."


Ex. 2. Find the English equivalents of the following word combinations in the text:



Ex.3. Answer the following questions:


  1. Which web hosting company is the biggest in the world?
  2. Which web hosting company is leading in Europe?
  3. Which web hosting company provides free domain name?
  4. Which web hosting company provides customer support (E commerce, Eshop package, Dedicated Server Hosting)?
  5. Which web hosting company is for clear pricing?
  6. Which web hosting company has the best data centres?


Ex.4. Imagine you are a representative of a web hosting company. Write an advertisement of the company, using the words in ex.2, and the text as a model.


1. General information about the firm.

You can use the phrases below

The largest in the world/Europe/Russia etc.

Europe`s (world`s, etc.) leading company

We are proud

2. Services you provide and prices.

You can use the phrases below

We offer…

We provide…

We focus on…

3. Conclusion

You can use the phrases below

We are proud…

Visit our site now!

Ex.5. Role-play

Student A is a client who needs hosting services and is monitoring hosting companies in his/her city to find the best one for his firm. Student B is a client assistant of a web hosting company. Student A asks Student B about the services (and prices etc.) provided. Role-play a dialogue.


Text 24

Ex.1. Read the information leaflet about the Internet, and match the questions (a-f) to the numbered spaces (1-6), as it is in the example. Then, explain the words in bold.


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