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The Useless Employee

In this dialogue, Graham, the managing director, has just come back from a business trip abroad. He left his secretary, Archie, in charge of things, which was a big mistake. Read the dialogue and answer the two questions:

· What problems will they have if the computer does not come on?

· What 2 things did Archie forget to do?

1. Graham: Any news?

2. Archie: No, everything` fine. (electric sizzling noise)

3. Graham: What was that?

4. Archie: Oh, nothing. Just the computer.

5. Graham: What do you mean, just the computer? It`s making a strange noise.

6. Archie: Year, it`s been doing it for ages.

7. Graham: Have phoned the technician?

8. Archie: Erm, I`m sorry, I forgot the number.

9. Graham: It`s in a file on the computer.

10. Archie: On that computer? The one making all that noise?

11. Graham: Yes. on that computer…

12. Archie: Sorry, but I can`t get it to come on. It must have something to do with the noise.

13. Graham: Oh, God. I hope we haven`t lost any files. Have you been making back-up copies?

14. Archie: Back-up copies?

15. Graham: Yes, back-up copies.

16. Archie: I never did find out how to use that CD copier.

17. Graham: I`ve told you thousand times: back-up all your files. If I`ve lost things from there, we`re really in trouble. Next point: did you or did you not send out that really important e-mail?

18. Archie: E-mail?

19. Graham: Yes, you know, the e-mail with the attachment that I left clearly marked on the computer desktop.

Archie: You mean the desktop of that computer over there? (electric sizzling)

Graham: Yes…that`s right!

Archie: The one making all that strange noise which won`t turn on?

Graham: Right. You know you are really starting to annoy me.

Archie: That`s what everyone says.

Graham: OK, last thing, did you, or did you not send that really urgent financial report up to the accounts department?

Archie: Report?

Graham: Stop repeating everything I say! Yes, the report.

Archie: You mean the really important report that you left on my desk before you went away.

Graham: Yes, that`s it.

Archie: The one with “urgent” written on it?

Graham: Yes, that`s the one. Don`t tell me you lost it.

Archie: How did you guess?

Graham: It wasn`t hard. How?

Archie: I think the cleaning lady took it.

Graham: The cleaning lady.

Archie: Erm… I think… Shall I pack up my things?

Graham: Yes. (loud explosion as the computer goes up in smoke)

Archie: Shall I put that fire out?

Graham: No, take that heap of junk with you… and GET OUT!


Ex.1 Write the missing words:

  1. It`s been doing it ____ ages.
  2. I can`t get it to come ____.
  3. It must have something to do _____ the noise.
  4. Back _____ all your files.
  5. Did you not send _____ that really important e-mail?
  6. I left it _____ the computer desktop.


Ex. 2 Match the word and phrases with their definitions:

for ages, a file, I can`t get it to come on, a back-up copy, an attachment, the computer desktop, to put out a fire


  1. a computer document with information on it,
  2. to make a copy of a file
  3. the computer won`t start when I press the button
  4. to stop a fire from burning
  5. a copy of a file
  6. for a long time
  7. a file that you add to an e-mail
  8. the icons and decoration that appears on your PC screen when you turn on the computer


Ex.3 Use the words from the vertical list (1 to 15) to form new words. You have to change the form of the word. The first one has been done for you.

1. Novelty 1.news (line 1 in the dialogue)

2. anything 2.___________(line 4)

3. strangeness 3.___________(line 5)

4. to age 4.___________(line 6)

5. a technicality 5.___________

6. numbering 6.___________

7. filing 7.___________

8. noisy 8.___________

9. anything 9.___________

10. to copy 10.__________

11. copying 11.__________

12. a loss 12.__________

13. importance 13.__________

14. to attach 14.__________

15. a mark 15.__________


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Read the interview and do the exercises that follow.

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