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Computing languages

C++ was developed from the language. It was designed as a systems programming language with features that make it easy to control the computer hardware efficiently. It was used to produce the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is portable, i.e. programs written in C++ can be easily adapted for use on many different types of computer systems.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a page description language used for creating webpages. HTML uses a system of tags to mark page links and formatting. For example, the tag <u> tells the program to start underlining a text. Although programs cannot be created using HTML, small programs can be embedded in HTML code using a scripting language like JavaScript.

Java is a programming language originally designed for programming small electronic devices such as mobile phones. It can run unchanged on any operating system that has a Java Interpreter program. Java is used for writing programs for the World Wide Web.

JavaScript is a simplified form of the Java language. It is powerful and easy to use. Scripts are small programs that can be used to perform simple tasks or tie other programs together. JavaScript is designed for use inside webpages. It can enable a webpage to respond to a mouse click or input on a form. It can also provide a way of moving through webpages and produce simple animation.

Visual Basic is a programming environment, not simply a language. It uses the language BASIC, a simple language developed to make it easy for people to learn how to program. Visual Basic has predefined objects such as dialog boxes, buttons, and text boxes which can be chosen from a toolbox and dragged across the screen using the mouse and dropped into the required position. BASIC programming code is attached to form a complete program. Visual Basic is used to write general purpose applications for the Windows operating system.

Delphi is similar to Visual Basic. It is also a programming environment for developing programs for the Windows operating system. It has predefined objects that can be chosen from a toolbox. In Delphi, however, the code attached to the objects is written in a form of Pascal. You can think of Delphi as a kind of 'Visual Pascal'. Like Visual Basic, it is often used for general purpose programs.


language Associated language Type of language use
C++ HTML Java JavaScript Visual Basic Delphi        


Ex 2. Now read the texts again and answer these questions about special features of the languages.

1 Which language uses a system of tags?

2 Which languages are designed to be used inside webpages?

3 Which language was used to write the Windows operating system?

4 What is a 'portable' language?

5 Which language can have small programs embedded in it using JavaScript?

6 What does HTML stand for?

7 Which languages can only be used in the Windows operating system?

8Which language cannot be used for writing programs?


Ex.3 Use the notes in the table to speak about different computing languages

Ex.4 Make sentences with the words in the vocabulary list



Text 18


Ex.1 Work in groups of two or three. Read one of the texts below and complete this table. When you have finished, exchange information with the others.

Type of error  
Ways to avoid or deal with this kind of error  


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