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Bill Gates


Everyone has heard of Bill Gates, one of the richest and most successful people in the world. Microsoft, the business he started with a friend in 1975, has become the world's largest computer software company, and Gates was the world's youngest billionaire, at the age of 31.

His full name is William Henry Gates III, and he was born on 28th October, 1955, in Seattle, USA. At school, he soon showed that he was very intelligent, and especially good at Maths and Science. His parents decided to send him to Lakeside, the private school where he first began to use computers. 13-year-old Bill Gates and his schoolfriend Paul Allen were soon spending all their time writing programs and learning about computers instead of doing their schoolwork! After finishing school in 1973, Bill went to Harvard, America's most famous university. The next year, he and Paul Allen wrote an operating program for the Aitair, one of the world's first microcomputers. The two friends started Microsoft in 1975, and Gates left Harvard. Before long, Microsoft was a major business success. Since then, the company has continued to grow, producing most of the world's leading PC software. One reason for his success is that Gates has always been very ambitious and hardworking. This has not left him much time for a normal personal life, but in 1994 he married Melinda French, a Microsoft employee, and in 1995 he wrote a best-selling book, The Road Ahead.

Bill has mixed feelings about spending so much time running Microsoft. "There are a lot of experiences I haven't had, but I do like my job," he says. When he does find time to relax, he likes puzzles, golf and reading about science. For such a rich person, his life is simple, and he spends little on himself and his family. When it comes to helping others, though, Gates is very generous. He has already given huge amounts of money to charity, and says that he plans to give away almost all of his wealth when he retires.


b) Read the article again and answer the questions.

1 Who is Bill Gates?

2 What have he and Paul Allen done together?

3 Why has Gates been so successful?

4 What does he do in his free time?

5 What does he plan to do with all his money?


Ex.2 Explain the words in bold. Make your own sentences with them.

Ex.3. Find missing information in the text and complete the table


Full name William Henry Gates III
Born 28 October, … in Seattle, USA
Early life Very intelligent, especially good at Maths and Science Parents sent him to Lakeside, a private school Finished school in…
Later life Went to Harvard Started Microsoft in 1975 (with Paul Allen), left Harvard Married Melinda French in … Wrote the Road Ahead in …
Character Ambitious, hardworking, generous
Likes Puzzles, golf, reading about science
Plans To give away almost all his wealth


Ex.4. Use the information to talk about Bill Gates


Text 7

Read the text.


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