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The purpose of output hardware is to provide the user with the means to view information produced by the computer system. Information is output in either hardcopy or softcopy form. Hardcopy output can be held in your hand, such as paper with text (word or numbers) or graphic printed on it. Softcopy output is displayed on the monitor.

Monitor is a component with a display screen for viewing computer data, television programs, etc.

Printer is a computer output device that produces a paper copy of data or graphics.

Modem is an example of communication hardware an electronic device that makes possible the transmission of data to or from computer via telephone or other communication lines.

Hardware comes in many configurations, depending on what the computer system is designed to do. Hardware can fill several floors of a large office building or can fit on your lap.



Answer the questions

  1. What is Websters dictionary definition of the hardware?
  2. What groups of hardware could be defined?
  3. What is input hardware? What are the examples of input hardware?
  4. What is mouse designed for? What is a light pen?
  5. What is a processing hardware? What are the basic types of memory used in a PC?
  6. Can a PC-user change the ROM? Who records the information in ROM?
  7. What is storage hardware? What is CD-ROM used for? Can a user record his or her data on a CD? What kind of storage hardware can contain more information CD-ROM, RAM or ROM?
  8. What is modem used for? Can PC-user communicate with other people without a modem?


Are the following sentences true or false? If they are false give the right variant.

  1. Computer is an electronic device therefore hardware is a system of electronic devices.
  2. The purpose of the input hardware is to collect data and convert it into a form suitable for computer processing.
  3. Scanner is used to input graphics only.
  4. The purpose of processing hardware is to retrieve, interpret and direct the execution of software instructions provided to the computer.
  5. CPU reads and interprets software and prints the results on paper.
  6. User is enable to change the contents of ROM.
  7. 5,25 floppy disks are used more often because they are flexiable and have more capacity than 3,5 disks.
  8. Printer is a processing hardware because its purpose is to show the information produced by the system.
  9. Modem is an electronic device that makes possible the transmission of data from one computer to another via telephone or other communication lines.
  10. The purpose of storage hardware is to store computer instructions and data in a form that is relatively permanent and retrieve them when needed for processing.



Give definitions to the following








Hard disk




Which of the following is Hardware








Cursor or the pointer




Find below English definitions to the following words


  1. nonvolatile, nonmodifiable computer memory, used to hold programmed instructions to the system.
  2. The part of a television or computer on which a picture is formed or information is displayed.
  3. Rigid disk coated with magnetic material, for storing computer programs and relatively large amounts of data.
  4. An electronic device that makes possible the transmission of data to or from computer via telephone or other communication lines.
  5. A set of keys, usually arranged in tiers, for operating a typewriter, computer terminal or something like this.
  6. Volatile computer memory, used for creating, loading and running programes and for manipulating and temporarily storing data or main memory.
  7. Central processing unit the key component of a computer system, containing the circuitry necessary to interpret and execute program instructions.
  8. A palm sized device equipped with two or more buttons, used to point at and select items on a computer display screen and for controlling the cursor by means of analogous movement on a nearby surface.
  9. A thin, usually flexible plastic disk coated with magnetic material, for storing computer data and program.



Questions for discussion

  1. Without what parts computer is unable to work?
  2. What is the most expensive part of the hardware?
  3. What other hardware devices do you know? What are they for? How to use them?





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