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Warming-up discussion 1.1

After two decades of teaching to read communicatively the British Ministry of Education issued a decree obliging the teachers to teach reading though “phonics” recognizing the effectiveness of this teaching way. Memorizing words is also a modern and effective way of dealing with the vocabulary as most good language learners invest time in memorizing words


SAQ 1.1

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Atmosphere is the spirit of the lesson facilitating or debilitating the learners

Classroom discourse is the language used in class by the teachers and the learners

Classroom interaction is interaction during a lesson between the teacher and the learners as well as between the learners themselves

Input opportunities are the chances of accessing information in the lesson

Learner receptivity opportunities are the chances to facilitate the intake by the learners during a lesson

Lesson is an organized and goal-oriented process, which is a set of learning opportunities, a model of cognition and a framework for interaction of the participants

Management of the lesson is creation of the teaching/learning media in the lesson by control of discipline, seating arrangements, error correction, use of classroom board etc.

Metaphors of the lesson are the figurative collocations to describe various types of the lesson (e.g. “climbing a mountain” is a lesson with a challenge for the learners that they gradually overcome with the help of the teacher and by investing their own efforts)

Model of cognition in most general terms includes encounter with the problem, resolution of the problem and reflection on the results

Planning of the lesson is a scheme for the accomplishment of the lesson goals

Practice opportunities are the chances to reinforce the knowledge and skills in the lesson

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