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Practice Listening

Listen to the conversations. Then listen again and underline the correct article.

1. A: Let's go to an amusement park this weekend.

B: That's a great idea. I haven't ridden a roller coaster in ages.

2. A: Is Mark a/the manager at Blare Gardens now?

B: Yes, he is.

3. A: Have you played a/the video game yet?

B: No, 1 haven't. I'm going to right now.

4. A: It's 6:00. Let's pick up a/the pizza.

B: OK. Do you want me to go?

5. A: What's that?

B: It's a/the new ride. Do you want to try it?

6. A: Look!A shark!

B: That's not a shark, silly. It's a/the dolphin from the water show.

Read your completed conversations. Underline the letter of the statement that best describes each conversation.

1. a. A has a specific amusement park in mind.

b. A isn't thinking of a particular amusement park..

2. a. There is only one manager at Blare Gardens.

b. There are several managers at Blare Gardens.

3. a. A and are in a video arcade. There are a lot of video games.

b. A and are at home. They have a new video game.

4. a. A and have already ordered a pizza. Now it's time to pick it up.

b. A and haven't ordered a pizza. A is hungry and wants to order one.

5. a. There are several new rides. This is one of them.

b. This is the only new ride. A and have both heard about it.

6. a. There are several dolphins in the water show. This is one of them.

b. There's only one dolphin in the show, and this is it.


7. Quiz Show

Work with a group. Choose five interesting or famous things. Write three clues for each thing. Then join another group. Give your clues and ask the other group to guess what each thing is. Look at exercise 4 for ideas.


A: It protects you from the sun. It gets thinner when you turn on the air conditioner.

There's a hole in it.

B: Is it the ozone layer?

A: Yes, it is.

8. Story Time

Work with a partner. Identify the people, places, and tilings in the pictures, Use tlie nouns in the box to label the first picture. Use a/an or the where necessary.

Tower Magic wand Gold Superhero Moon Wall Sword Magician Ground bottle Laser gun Silver coins Warrior Stars


Example: A: What's that?

B: It's a magic wand.

A: And those?

B: I think they're silver coins


After you label the first picture? Invent a story about the two pictures.

Write your story and then tell it to the class.



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