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Types of Comparisons

There are a number of different sentence patterns with comparative and superlative forms:


Than This book is more interesting thanthat one. Today is warmer thanit was yesterday. The chair is less comfortable thanthis armchair. You are two years older thanme/than Iam.
the most (the least) , (, ) This is the most exciting place of all Ihave ever been to. Carol is the least experiencedperson inour team.
Asas , He is as tall as his father. Could you come as soon as possible?
Not asas , (not so as) The weather is not as (so) good asit was yesterday. He is not so(as) tall ashis father.
Twice asas Three times asas / The same as Oil is twice asexpensive asit was several years ago. I'll have the sameice-cream aslast time.
The more... , the better , The warmerthe weather, the better Ifeel.


Ex. 3. Follow the model and make the sentences in which comparison is expressed.

Model 1: This problem is (difficult) the first problem.

This problem is as difficult as the first problem.

1. This text is (interesting) that one. 2. This sentence is (long) the second one. 3. This definition is (exact) the definition given in the text-book. 4. His answer is (good) that girls answer. 5. English classes are (important) lectures on mathematics.

Model 2: This theorem is (famous) people may think.

This theorem is not so famous as people may think.

1. This system is (reliable) the one we studied. 2. That dictation is (easy) well write next lesson. 3. The proof is (valid) he supposed at first. 4. This story is (boring) he thought about it before. 5. This solution is (good) she suggested at the conference.

Model 3: (Big) the plan (long) they will work.

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Ex. 1. Analyze these sentences and compare the adjectives given there. Translate them into Russian. | Note the difference in translation between the Present Perfect Continuous and the Present Perfect Tenses.
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