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Exercise 1 Comment on the nouns in bold type.

1. — "I'm looking for a Mr. Silver," she answered, jumping off her bike. — "Well, you've found him," the man said, "I'm Mr. Silver." 2. Amelia told me she had made a will. "It's all for Catherine. She is a Silver. The last of the Silvers. And the land I'm leaving for her has belonged to the Silvers for almost two hundred years." 3. For her part, she had proved herself to be a Jardine through and through. 4. Excuse me, you have a phone call, Meredith. It's a Mrs. Alexander. 5. David was shocked. "You are painting a very strange picture. That's not the Emma I know." 6. I am not the Claudia of whom you thought, but an unimaginable Claudia from whom you would recoil. 7. Dear old Marion! No words can tell how I miss you! 8. Now I do recognize the practical, sensible Trisch, the Woman Who Got Things Done. 9. Sergeant, can I ask you to help me? 10. She's as eccentric as hell! And whenever I think of her, I think of scarves. She's always worn masses of them, rain or shine, all kinds of weather. Gwenny's a regular Isadora Duncan, if you ask me. 11. — You are a real Childe Harold! — And you are a Don Juan! 12. Would you recognize a Shagal from a Malevich? 13. — Is Father in? — Not yet, but Mother and Aunt have just come.


Exercise 2 Put “a”/”an”, “the” or zero article in the spaces. If two answers are possible, give them both.

1. Are we talking now about ____ John Smith who led the Labour Party? 2. We are going to a barbecue with ____ Simpsons. 3. There’s ____ Linda Jones to see you. 4. A special award was given to ____ film director Ingmar Bergman. 5. The prize is to be given each year in memory of ____ late Ayrton Senna. 6. We met our old friend ____ Romey Thompson in Sydney. 7. That surely can’t be ____ Jenny Watson we knew in Zimbabwe. 8. I didn’t realize how rich he was until I heard that he owns ____ Picasso. 9. He’s really keen on football. He likes to think of himself as ____ Paul Gascoigne. 10. Have you ever heard that ____ Woodwards are moving house. 11. I found myself sitting next to ____ Boris Yeltsin! Not ____ Boris Yeltsin, of course, but someone with the same name. 12. “Danny, you are a classical composer, God knows, you may be ____ modern Mozart.” 13. The concert hall bought ____ new Petroff. 14. Like ____ true Morgan she would not lose any money. 15. ____ Jones and ____ Smith are two common British surnames.


Exercise 3 Insert articles where necessary.

1. “What I call ____ Forsyte,” said ____ young Jolyon, “is a man who is a slave of property.” 2. There was little sentimentality about ____ Forsytes. In great London, which they have conquered, what time had they to be sentimental? 3. ____ Clyde whom Samuel Griffiths met at the Union League Club in Chicago was different from ____ Clyde who had fled from Kansas City three years before. 4. He has the humour of ____ Chekhov. 5. To feel more comfortable you should have taken ____ Pullman. 6. But it was ____ very subdued Rose who replied. And it was quite ____ frightened Rose who rang the bell. 7. The boss counted the group and selected his companions for the trip - ____ Mr. Wren and a youth named ____ Morton. 8. I know as much about him as you do – he is ____ Mr. Willoughby. 9. One of the correspondents handed MacGregor the paper and asked, “Are you ____ MacGregor who wrote this?” 10. This John was ____ different John from ____ one she she had seen round the house.


Exercise 4 Insert articles where necessary.

1. ____ father and ____ daughter appeared at last. 2. Gradman is here, darling, and ____ mother, and ____ Aunt Winifred, and Kit and Michael. 3. Louse seemed… rather ____ grave, still, retiring man, but ____ Caroline of this evening, which was not ____ Caroline of every day, thawed his reserve. 4. My visit was specially made to ____ good Mrs. Ames. 5. ____ professor Beans is ____ man to whom you’ll be responsible for your undergraduate teaching. 6. ____ flustered Clarice stood beside me. 7. If you are ____ Napoleon, you will play ____ game of ____ power; if you are ____ Leonardo, you will play for ____ knowledge; ____ stakes hardly matter. 8. At that time I had ____ greatest admiration for ____ Impressionists. I longed to possess ____ Sisley and ____ Degas, and I worshipped Monet. 9. Elsie said she would ring up ____ Doctor Worple. 10. If you are going West may I come with you? I want to see ____ Aunt Emily and ____ Uncle Lawrence.


Exercise 5 The following are a few examples of epithets. Write “the” in each space and make your own sentences with these names.

Historical Figures Billy____ Kid (American outlaw) Henry____ Fourth (King of England) Ivan____ Terrible (Russian Czar) Peter____ Great (Russian ruler) William____ Conqueror (Norman King of England) Jack____ Ripper (English murderer)   Modern Personalities ___ Fab Four (the Beatles, musicians) ___ Duke (John Wayne, actor) ___ Greatest (Muhammad Ali, boxer) ___ Boss (Bruce Springsteen, singer)   Cartoon Characters Wendy____ Witch Felix____ Cat Casper____ friendly ghost   Names of Places __ City of Eternal Spring (Cuernavaca, Mexico) ____ Long Star State (Texas) ____ Land of the Rising Sun (Japan) ____ Big Apple (New York City)


Exercise 6 Translate into English.

1. На вас чекає якийсь Михайлів. 2. Вона одружилася з Біловим, з яким нас познайомили минулого року у Нікітіних. 3. Константинові оселилися тут два роки тому. 4. Вона була Добсон і , як усі Добсони, була дуже розумною. 5. Туземець, якого спас Робінзон Крузо, був названий П’ятницею, так як саме в п’ятницю Крузо знайшов його. 6. Крилова назвали російським Лафонтеном. 7. Вам подобається ця картина? Це Айвазовський. 8. Про якого Олексія Толстого ви говорите? – Про Олексія Толстого, який написав роман „Петро Перший”. 9. В бібліотеці нашого університету є повна „Британка” 10. Невже це дійсно Сєров у квартирі твого родича? – Так, це він. 11. Я вже не та Марійка, з якою ти ходив до школи. Я виросла. 12. Ти ж просто Джеймс Бонд! 13. Лорд Сандвіч винайшов бутерброд. 14. – Няня вдома? – Вона з дитиною гуляє в саду. 15. Вона як справжня Річардсон завжди домагається свого. 16. Я збираюся купити новий словник – Хорнбі або Коллінз. 17. Національна галерея придбала Гогена на аукціоні. 18. Ми зовсім не знаємо ділову, практичну Мері. Перед нами зовсім інша Мері. 19. Брандери одна з найдавніших родин Іллінойсу. 20. „Добре, тато” – промовив слухняний Майк.


Exercise 7 Translate into English.

1. Бідний Том не бачив нічого поганого в тому, що одружився. 2.„ Мені дуже прикро це чути, маленька Сессі. Перекажи мамі, нехай прийде сюди. Подивимось, чи зможе доктор Брайн зробити щось для неї”. 3. Художник Серов, син композитора Серова, був майстром психологічного портрету. 4. Всі знають Бородина-композитора, але мало хто знає Бородина-хіміка. 5. Небагато людей знають, що Вольтер – це лише псевдонім французького письменника-філософа, який був сином Франсуа Аруе, нотаріуса. 6. Мені сподобалось все, що вона грала, особливо Шопен. 7. Здається Вальтер не звертав ніякої уваги на плаксиву Кітті. 8.”Хто знає? Може той юнак Чарлі Чаплін 21 століття?” 9. Її чоловік дуже ревнивий. Це просто Отелло. 10. Ми часто відвідуємо театр Франка. 11. Я придбав новий телевізор. – Це Соні? – Ні, Панасонік. 12. Ваш син може стати ще одним Девізом Копперфільдом з усіма його трюками. 13. Перелякана Марина відповіла не телефонний дзвінок. 14. Який гарний магазин! Так, це Валентино. 15. Я не знаюся не зможу відрізнити Сезонна від Пікассо.


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