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The Use of Articles with Geographical Names

      no article   the definite article   the indefinite article
1. Names of continents, countries, counties, states, provinces, cities/towns, villages, streets   Europe Australia Antarctica Latin America North America Central Asia Oxfordshire Texas Edinburgh Petrovka Regent Street Red Square     but: Argentina       *with the names of countries, collective or plural, including words republic, union, kingdom, states, emirates, federation: The United States The Soviet Union The United Kingdom The Russian Federation The United Arab Emirates The Irish Republic/ the Republic of Ireland The Netherlands The German Federal Republic but: FRG   *if the geographical name is modified by a limiting attribute: e.g. the England of today. the Moscow he was born in. *exceptions: the Argentine the Caucasus (the) Congo the Crimea the Gambia the Hague (the) Lebanon the Philippines the Riviera (the) Ruhr the Saar (the) Senegal the Ukraine the West Indies when a geographical name is modified by a descriptive attribute: It was a different Paris, unknown to him.
Oceans, seas, rivers, channels, canals, straits   the Arctic (Ocean) the Antarctic (Ocean) the Pacific (Ocean) The Indian (Ocean) the Mediterranean (Sea) the Thames the English Channel the Suez Canal the Bering Strait the Magellan Straits the Dardanelles  
bays, gulfs Hudson Bay    
  lakes if the word lake is used: Lake Baikal Lake Michigan Lake Erie Lake Huron Lake Ontario Lake Windermere Lake Superior if the word lake is not used: the Baikal    
waterfalls Niagara Falls Victoria Falls    
mountains peaks: Elbrus Ben Nevis Mount Everest Etna mountain ranges/chains/passes: the Rocky Mountains/ the Rockies the Andes the Alps the Urals the Saint Gotthard Pass  
islands a single island: Madagascar Easter Island Cyprus Jersey Man, Java groups of islands: the Bermudas the Bahamas the Canaries/the Canary Islands the Hawaii  
peninsulas Hindustan if the word peninsula is used: the Balkan peninsula the Hindustan peninsula the Arabian Peninsula  
capes Cape Horn    
deserts the Sahara the Gobi  
plains the Great Plains of the American Midwest  
regions northern England the Arctic the Antarctic the North of England the Middle East the Far East  
geographical names, containing the preposition of the City of New York the Bay of Bengal the Bay of Biscay the Gulf of Mexico the Straits of Gibraltar the Strait of Dover the Isle of Wight the Mount of Olives  


See Gardiner A.H. The theory of proper names: A controversial essay. London: Cumberlege: Oxford University Press, 1954. 76 p., p. 21 - 22

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