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Vocabulary practice


1. Read the difference in American and English business terminology.

American English British English Meaning
administration government in power правительство
call loan short-term loan краткосрочный займ
checking account current account текущий счет
claim letter letter of complaint письмо-рекламация
collect on delivery cash on delivery оплата при доставке
to fix a meeting to arrange a meeting назначать встречу
freight not prepaid carriage forward без оплаты перевозки
freight prepaid carriage paid с оплатой перевозки
freight train goods train товарный поезд
local taxes rates местные налоги
to operate a business to run a business заниматься бизнесом
operating costs running expenses текущие расходы
ordinance by-law постановление, указ
to pass up an offer to decline an offer отклонять предложение
president chairman президент (компании)
right away immediately немедленно
shipment consignment партия (товара)
stockholder shareholder держатель акций
stub counterfoil корешок (чека)
tag label этикетка
tender offer предложение


2.* Read the following brief descriptions and translate them into Kazakh /Russian. Which type of incoterms do they meet?

a) the terms of delivery in accordance with which the Seller pays for transportation and insurance of goods until they’ve arrived at the ship and the Buyer pays for loading the goods;

b) the terms of delivery in accordance with which the Seller pays for transportation and insurance of goods to the point of loading and their shipment on board a ship;

c) the terms of delivery in accordance with which the Seller pays for loading and transporting goods but the Buyer pays the insurance costs once the goods have been loaded;

d) the terms of delivery in accordance with which the Seller pays for transportation to the port of destination, costs of loading and arranges marine insurance of the goods for the time of transportation.


3. A. Match the sentence beginnings (1 -7) with their endings (a-g).

1. My company/organisa-tion has a vision a) for example, it doesn’t have a dress code
2. We have an entrepreneurial culture b) I know where it’s going; I share its goals
3. People in my company are highly competitive c) the boss is autocratic, and we do as we’re told without question
4. My company has a supportive culture d) there are lots of regulations and ‘correct procedures’. We’re encouraged to do things by the book
5. My company is pretty bureaucratic e) we battle each other for promotion and for bonuses
6. My company has a controlling culture f) when we need them, we’re sent on training courses. Every employee has a mentor
7. My company is quite informal g) We’re encouraged to look (or new business and take risks


B. Look at the words and phrases in bold above and match them to the following definitions.

1) a person who gives another person help and advice over a period of time and often also coaches them in their job – mentor;

2) a set of rules for what you can wear – …;

3) aims – …;

4) demands total obedience from staff – …;

5) extra amounts of money given to you as a reward – …;

6) follow the rules exactly – …;

7) view of how the company will be in the future – …;

8) involving risk-taking – … .


Business letter writing


1. Read the specimen sentences about instruction and information on packing, translate them into Kazakh /Russian.

1. The 0-5 litre size tins of paint will be supplied in strong cardboard cartons, each containing 48 tins. Gross weight 50 kg. The 1 litre size will be packed in cartons of 24, also of gross weight 50 kg.

2. All powders are wrapped in polythene bags and packed in tins, the lids of which are sealed with adhesive tape.

3. Fibreboard boxes are used to reduce freight. They are not returnable.

4. All bags have an inner waterproof lining.

5. We supply these machines in specially designed crates. If not returned to us within 3 weeks, the crates are charged to you at £5 each.

6. All export bicycles are wrapped in strong waterproof material at the port and packed in pairs in lightweight crates.

7. A special crate with reinforced bottom will be needed for the transport of such a large machine, and both padding and bolting down will be essential. The cost would be in the region of £20.

8. To save freight we suggest packing in a crate with reinforced base, and overall waterproof wrapping. A solid case as proposed by you would be uneconomical.

2. Read the letter where exporter informs prospective customer of packing and marking procedures

Farmers Food Products

Taunton, Somerset


30th January 2011

Robers Import Company

Avenue Rio Branco 278

Rio de Janeiro


Dear Sirs

We thank you for your letter of 20th January, and can confirm that we are still offering our range of luxury food at the prices quoted in our initial offer to you.

We understand your concern with packing, and can assure you that we take every possible precaution to ensure that our products reach our customers all over the world in prime condition.

For your information, ‘Ariel’ caviar is packed as follows:

Each jar is wrapped in tissue paper before being placed in its individual decorative cardboard box. The boxes are then packed in strong cardboard cartons, twelve to a carton, separated from each other by corrugated paper dividers.

The cartons are then packed in strong wooden crates. Since the crates are specially made to hold twenty-four cartons, there is no danger of movement inside them. In addition, the crates are lined with waterproof, airtight material. The lids are secured by nailing, and the crates are strapped with metal bands.

In the case of consignments being sent to you, transshipment at Buenos Aires will be necessary, so each case will be marked with details required by the Argentinean authorities, as well as with your own mark, details of weights, etc., and symbols representing the following warnings and directions:


We hope this has answered your questions, and look forward to receiving orders from you.

Yours faithfully

Dispatch Department


3. Write a letter from your firm to an English engineering firm, ordering a special machine. Give packing and marking instructions.

4. Send an order to a Swiss manufacturer of optical instruments, giving full packing instructions.


Talking point


1. A. Read the liabilities of the parties under the contract.

The seller’s liabilities under the contract: to deliver the goods on time and in perfect condition; to ensure that the title to the goods is transferred to the buyer – in other words, the seller has to make sure that the buyer becomes the owner of the goods. This is normally done by passing a special document, the document of title, to the buyer.

The buyer’s liabilities are: to accept delivery of the goods (this prevents him changing his mind after the goods have been sent); to pay for the goods within the time agreed.

If one party doesn’t fulfill its liabilities, the contract is broken (this is called breach of contract). In this (case the other party (the injured party) can claim compensation.

B. Read the following situations. Discuss with your partner if a breach of contract has taken place? If so, how? If not, why not?

1. Mail order company sent some goods to Mr. Williams. However, he refused to accept delivery of them as they had not been ordered.

2. Mr. Abraham ordered 20 televisions from a company selling electrical goods. However, he had to return one of the televisions because it didn’t work.

3. Mr. Watson refused to pay the full price for a customised machine he had ordered, because it didn’t exactly meet the specifications he had given.

4. Mr. Adams sent a free sample of wine glasses to a potential new customer. Unfortunately, the package burst open in the post and the glasses were broken.

5. Mr. Wright sent some spare parts to an airline. However, a series of staff strikes brought the airline into financial difficulties and his invoice was only paid six months later.


3. Discuss these questions in small groups.

· Why is it important for a company to have a strong corporate culture?

· What sort of culture would work best for you?

· What aspects of corporate culture do you think can have a negative effect on performance?

· What things can managers do to change the corporate culture of the company where they work?


Check yourselVES


1.* Translate into English the following expressions using the vocabulary of the unit.

Предмет контракта и общая сумма контракта; быть неотъемлемой частью контракта; сопровождение и пуск оборудования; запасные части оборудования; товары, поставляемые согласно настоящему контракту; цена остается неизменной на протяжении всего срока действия контракта; место назначения указано в коносаменте; грузоотправитель и грузополучатель; товары должны быть отправлены (to be shipped) из порта с первым же судном (by the first vessel available); срок поставки и дата поставки; товары должны быть поставлены в течение шести месяцев с момента оплаты; дата выдачи сквозного коносамента; обстоятельства непреодолимой силы; контракт становится действительным с момента его подписания; поставка производится на условиях CIF Москва; продавец гарантирует, что поставляемое оборудование удовлетворяет требованиям (to meet the requirements) прил. 5; нести ответственность перед покупателем; маркировка, нанесенная несмываемой краской; оплата производится против предоставления следующих отгрузочных документов; выполнять контрактные обязательства; все споры и разногласия, возникающие при выполнении настоящего Контракта.


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