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Note 1 The definite article is used with ‘wrong’ even when it does not make sense to talk about only one wrong possibility.

We are all in the wrong business.

In this case there is possibly more than one wrong business. However, there are some cases where the indefinite article is used.

We’ve taken a wrong turn

Note 2 ’Same’ often appears without a following noun.

The same is true for men.

Note 3 ‘Next’ and ’last’ are commonly used in time expressions without the (for example, ‘next week’)

10. With substantivized adjectives and participles.

A combination of the definite article and substantivized adjective can be used to refer to all the people with that characteristic. “The poor” means people who are poor.

Many adjectives can be used in this way; here are some common ones.

aged blind brave dead deaf disabled educated elderly free handicapped homeless hungry injured living needy old oppressed poor powerful rich sick starving strong uneducated unemployed weak wealthy wounded young  


Note They behave like nouns in the plural and are followed by a plural verb.

The rich have not responded.


11. With collective nouns denoting social groups.

The workers have nothing to loose.


12. With nationality words when referring generically to nations or racial groups (suggesting the whole body of)

The Chinese have their own version of this proverb.

It seems to me that the British are too often their own worst critics.

But when not the whole body of but separate representative are meant the definite article is not used.

Italians are good singers.

Note These words always begin with a capital letter; and they are followed by the plural form of a verb even if they do not look plural.

13. At the beginning of stories, in titles of stories and novels.

“The Enemy”, “The Letter”.

This is a stylistic device. The author indicates in this way that the reader will shortly be told more about these things.


14. Stressed “the” meaning “best”. People sometimes stress the definite article to indicate that something is the best or only thing of a particular kind.

Billiards is the game. or Billiards is the best game.


Date: 2015-01-11; view: 1911

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