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In occult literature we can find the following expression - "49 Fires of Brahma".

What is its meaning?

"The Fire of Brahma" – this is the Third Hypostasis of the Absolute, the Soul, an elementary particle.

Where we took the figure "49"?

It is more logical way to explain the figure 49 as the product of 7 by 7.
At the same time one of these "Sevens" - a number of Plans that exist in the Universe. The second "Seven" - is the number of colors, or, in other words, the number of basic types of Souls, existing at each level of each Plan.

As already mentioned, the number of colors in the spectrum - six, seven instead. The seventh color - a comprehensive, result of the combination with each other the particles of six simple colors.

The multiplication of the seven Plans for the seven colors gives, in the end, "49 Fires of Brahma" - 49 basic types of "Fires of Brahma" (elementary particles).

The particles are able to form spectra only while they are in motion. The particles are really at rest anywhere in the space, do not form a spectrum. At resting position, the particles do not form additional colors - orange, green, purple. This is the first.

The second – only the moving particles are able to get into our visual analyzer.

And the third – our visual analyzers as markers of colors use only photons in the visible range.

And that's not all. Take, for example, the spectrum formed by visible photons. The visible photons in the spectrum are not characterized by the same value of the disappearing Ether.

That is why the affiliation of the particles to any spectrum we can’t regard as one of the two factors underlying the classification of "49 Fires of Brahma".

The visible spectrum – is not only of all. The number of spectra, even within the same plan (for example, the same Physical) is large. Our bodies just are not able to perceive the other spectra, except the visible.

But, by the way, the particles that form our Human Consciousness (consisting of particles of Buddhic Plan) receive all the particles in contact with them, any quality, any Plan - in other words, can "see" each particle, which adjoin. The particles not only Buddhic, but any other Plan possess this ability.

Thus, the expression "49 Fires of Brahma" can be regarded as an indication of the ability to classify all existing in the Universe elementary particles. Two values perform by the best way the function of classifying factors – the speed of destruction of Ether (that forms the basis of classification of Plans) and the speed of creation.

"49 Fires of Brahma" – it is the totality of existing in the Universe the elementary particles of varying quality, as well as the chemical elements that combine all sorts of particles.

Of course, that "the types of elementary particle" - is a relative concept. It's like divisions supported on any scale, between which there are myriads of intermediate values.

There is an assumption that the expression "Twice Seven" which we can meet in the Stanza Dzyan, it is not nothing but a double Seven – i.e. all the same two sevens – Seven Planes and Seven Colors. Here is the exact text of the quote: "Then the Three, the One, the Four, the One, the Five - the Twice Seven, the Sum Total" (Stanza 3.3).


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