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Albert Einstein



In such non-Euclidean space the shortest distances between points, the segments must constantly bend, and the distances between points must increase than decrease.

Einstein connected gravity with the compression of space, and the acceleration or deceleration of time with a degree of curvature of space. The more it is compressing and the more weight at this point, the slower time passes there. The more extended and less weight at this point - the faster it flows the time.

We share the conviction of the first concept - the substantial and, so are increasingly proponents of classical mechanics, not relativistic.

We consider that the space does not disappear, if vanish all existing objects in it.

In addition, we believe that space is not compressed and expanded. These properties are inherent only in the substance.

But at the same time, we must acknowledge that the relational concept of relativistic mechanics has lifted on a surface a very important layer of knowledge about the structure of the universe.

The only problem is that the proponents of each view describe the universe from their own points of vision.

At the same time, classical mechanics and the substantial concept are really talking about the relationship between the space and the objects in it.

While the concept of relational and relativistic mechanics tells not about the space, but about what actually exists in it, and is one of its manifestations, namely, about the Spirit (Energy, Ether).

The fallacy of relational concept and relativistic mechanics is that they attribute to the space the property of mobility while it is actually stationary.

We can say that relativists have based on all things of the Movable, Fluid Space, while moving and flowing is the Spirit, the second aspect of the Absolute, but not the Space (Matter, Substance), First, Primal Aspect.

The merit of the same Einstein is that he came close to understanding that "something" in the space can move in any desired direction.

Yes, that's right, "something" is "flowing" in space and from the flowing of this "something" all processes and phenomena in the universe are depended. This "something", as has just been said, it is the Spirit.

Besides the views on space of science and philosophy, a special place among all the existing opinions occupies the Theosophical course led by Madame Blavatsky and AA Bailey.



Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Master KH, the Master Morya, Master Rakosi,

HP Blavatsky


Alice Ann Bailey



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