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And now, when we a little get acquainted with the first aspect of the God-Absolute-Matter, let’s proceed to its second aspect – to the Spirit.

In previous, introductory articles we yet quiet enough told about the nature of the Spirit, and about what is this hypostasis. So here we in general need to repeat. And also we will make a list of synonym esoteric phrases related just to the second Aspect of the Creative Substance.

Here we turn again to the treatise of Lao tzu “Tao te ching” to remember that “Truth” (Tao) – it’s the Matter.

The Matter “gives birth to One” – to the Spirit.

“From One are appeared Two” – consisting of every elementary particle course two oppositely directed processes – birth of the Spirit and its disappearance.

Birth of the Spirit – it’s a spiritual origin, Yin, Brahma, Rajas.

Disappearance of the Spirit – it’s a material origin, Yin, Shiva, Tamas.

“From Two are formed the Three” – two origins – spiritual and material – are merged in the consist of every particle which is the third principle – Sattva, Vishnu, Soul, the Union of Matter and Spirit.

And now let’s tell about the Spirit.

The Spirit - is the Second Aspect of the Absolute.

An aspect – is the view on some object, phenomenon.

The Spirit - it’s a Perturbation in the Space, with some special way changing it. What is the Perturbation and how it happens – for us it’s a secret.

The Spirit - it’s Information nascent in elementary particles and dying in them.

The Spirit from the point of view of occultism it’s the First-born Son of the Virgin Mother, the Matter which then becomes her “Husband”, and together they spawn the Third Aspect – all multitude of the Universe forms.

But actually and the Spirit and the Soul – are just another state of the Intellectual Substance, of which inside we inhabit.

The Spirit – it’s a temporary creation consisting of the Matter. The Soul is more precisely the Souls which are its continuation and concrete manifestation, also temporary. And Spirit and Soul are temporary as opposite to the constant Space in which they are manifested. It’s firstly.

And secondly the chain of changings which we name the “time” is inherent exactly to the Spirit and the Soul.

The Soul – it’s the same Spirit enclosed in a sphere.

In every Soul is took place the rotation of the Spirit through the time.

All this said and repeat with the purpose to inform you that any God of Time which about is told in literature is nothing but the Symbol of Time and personification of Spirit and Soul – inconstant principle of the Universe.

In the Stanzas of the Book Dzyan is said: “The Ray shoots through the Virgin Egg, the Ray causes the Eternal Egg to thrill, and drop the non-eternal Germ, which condenses into the World-Egg” (Stanza 3.3).

The Ray – it’s the Ray of Light, and Light as is known the synonym of the Spirit.

“The non-eternal Germ” – it’s the totality of elementary particles (Souls). The word “non-eternal” indicates on the inconstancy of existence the manifested Universe. For the Substance itself in the Stanzas is used the definition “Eternal Non-being”. Here also leave that the Time from the occult point of view it’s the symbol of Spirit and Soul. Any Soul (chakra, particle) – it’s a Circle, Round, Ring of Time.






And now let’s proceed to the list of synonym occult and religious definitions, with the help of which the thinkers and meditative visionaries of different times and nations characterized and named the Second Hypostasis of the Creator. In the given quotes these definitions will use bold italic.

Universal Mind was not, for there were no Ah-hi to contain it” (Stanza 1.3).

We have begun from the Universal Mind. This is one of the definitions for the Second Hypostasis of God, the Spirit. Ah-hi – these are elementary particles, Souls. As will be said in the next articles, the Spirit saturates elementary particles – can say that they contain him.

“Her Heart had not yet opened for the One Ray to enter” (Stanza 2.4).

The One Ray – it’s one of the synonyms for the Spirit.

“The Universe was still concealed in the Divine Thought and the Divine Bosom” (Stanza 2.6).

The Divine Thought and the Divine Bosom – are the symbols of the Spirit and the Matter, Male and Female Principles.

“Darkness radiates Light, and Light drops one solitary Ray into the Waters, into the Mother-Deep. The Ray shoots through the Virgin Egg, the Ray causes the Eternal Egg to thrill, and drop the non-eternal Germ, which condenses into the World-Egg” (Stanza 3.3).

About what the Light and what the Ray we have just spoken.

“The Root of Life was in every Drop of the Ocean of Immortality, and the Ocean was Radiant Light, which was Fire, and Heat, and Motion” (Stanza 3.6).

The Ocean of Immortality, the Radiant Light, Fire, Heat and Motion – these are all the synonyms of the Spirit. Is used the definition “the Ocean of Immortality” probably because the Spirit is like the Phoenix constantly restores in every Soul.

Light is Cold Flame, and Flame is Fire, and Fire produces Heat, which yields Water - The Water of Life in the Great Mother” (Stanza 3.9).

The Water – is the symbol of the Matter, Female Origin. But the phrase “The Water of Life” – it’s just the definition of the Spirit, Male Origin.

“Then Svabhâvat send Fohat to harden the Atoms. Each is a part of the Web” (Stanza 3.12).

Fohat – it’s the synonym of the Spirit, the Father. Fohat – it’s the Spirit flowing through the Atoms (Souls).

Fohat fills the Atoms and by this way makes them to each other.

“…who are born from the Primordial Flame” (Stanza 4.2).

The Primordial Flame – it’s one more synonym for the Second Aspect.

“From the Effulgency of Light - the Ray of the Ever-Darkness” (Stanza 4.3).

The Ray of Light – the Spirit – is born from the Darkness, i.e. from the Mother, Matter.

“The Army of the Voice, the Divine Mother of the Seven” (Stanza 4.4).

Curiously that in this case the Voice, aka the Spirit, is called with the female name – the Divine Mother.

The Adi-Sanat, the Number, for he is One” (Stanza 4.5).

In the occult texts the Matter is accepted to name the Non-Number, while the Spirit – the Number or the One.

As the Spirit – this is the first differentiation of Matter and Spirit by itself does not form shapes – particles – it just fills them.

The Spirit is called the One Element, The Fifth Element, as it is everywhere in the Universe.

"…the One, the Eight left out, and his Breath which is the Light-Maker" (Stanza 4.5).

The Eighth Son – this is the Firstborn of the Mother-Matter, her Husband-Son-Brother, that is, the Father.

In fact, breathing is not of the Father, and Mother is the Spirit, the Father, the Light.

"They make of him the Messenger of their Will. The Dzyu becomes Fohat: the swift Son of the Divine Sons, whose Sons are the Lipika, runs circular errands. Fohat is the Steed, and the Thought is the Rider.

He passes like lightning through the fiery clouds"(Stanza 5.2).

In fact, Fohat and Thought – this is one and the same. The difference between them is only in that the Thought – is the Spirit in general sense while Fohat – is the Spirit is rotating in a "spiral vortex" in time in the Atoms (Lipikas).

The Divine Sons – these are Lipikas, Souls.

He lifts his Voice, and calls the innumerable Sparks, and joins them together. He is their guiding spirit and leader.”(Stanzas 5.2; 5.3).

We are again of the Spirit.

“1. By the power of the Mother of Mercy and Knowledge, Kwan-Yin - the Triple of Kwan - Shai-Yin, residing in Kwan -Yin –Tien – Fohat, the Breath of their Progeny,the Son of the Sons, having called forth, from the Lower Abyss, the Illusive Form of Sien --Tchan and the Seven Elements.

2. The Swift and the Radiant One produces the seven Laya Centres, against which none will prevail to the Great Day "Be With Us"; and seats the Universe on these Eternal Foundations, surrounding Sien-Tchan with the Elementary Germs.” (Stanza 6.1).

"When the One becomes Two" (Stanza 7.3).

The One – is the Absolute in the unmanifested state, the Matter, devoid of any signs of differentiation.

"The One becomes Two" means that the matter has generated Second Principle – Spirit.

"The Spark hangs from the Flame by the finest thread of Fohat" (Stanza 7.5).

Here we are talking about the mechanism of Creation, which resulted in the manifestation of the Spirit in Matter.

The Spark – is an elementary particle, the Soul.

The Flame – it is the Spirit.

"The finest thread of Fohat" – is the same as the Antahkarana, or Ray of Light. This is the Flow of the Spirit, of Ether, moving through the Sparks, the elementary particles.

From the First-born the Thread between the Silent Watcher and his Shadow becomes more strong and radiant with every Change. The morning Sunlight has changed into noonday glory....” (Stanza 7.6).

In this quotation is about the same as in the previous one – of the mechanism of Manifestation. First-born - the Father, the Spirit.

The Silent Watcher – is the Substance, the Matter, his Shadow – it's Soul, elementary particle.

The Thread from the Firstborn – it's the same thing as the "thread of Fohat".

We list a number of synonyms for all the major of the Second Person of the Trinity – for the Spirit, the Father that we may find in the study of the occult, religious and scientific literature.

Spirit, Father, Male Principle, First-born Son, Eighth Son, Yang, Divine Thought, Universal Mind, Nous, Absolute, Perpetual Motion, Absolute Consciousness, Great Breath, Breath of Life, Central Spiritual Sun, Purusha, Nefesh, Water of Life, Ocean of Immortality, Logos, Verb, Word, Number, Zeroana-Arkan, Brahma, Avalokiteshvara, Mahat, Dzyu, Adi-Sanat, Sanat Kumara, Daiviprakriti, Iswara, God, Osiris, Adam, Christ, Buddha, Jehovah, Yahweh, Sawaof, Elohim , Tetragrammaton, Uranus, Cronus, Guan Shi Yin, the Ancient of Days, The Fifth Element, One Element, Holy Spirit, Fohat, Lucifer, the Dragon of Wisdom, the Kundalini serpent, Ocean (Sea) of Milk, Fire, Light, Heat, Electricity, Force, Energy, Impuls, kinetic energy, thermogen, Electromagnetic field, Information Field, Force Field, Ether, Akasha, the Astral Light, Protil, Apeiron, Archaea, Prana, Chi, Ki, Food of the Gods.

Spirit, the Second Aspect in the process of manifestation forms a Ring (a circle, chakra, Wheel) in every elementary particle (each soul) and gyres. But not in space and in time – is born, disappears, is born, disappears.

When are talking about the Spirit, rotating in the particles, for it often use other definitions, rather than when they talk about it in a general sense.

For example, Fohat – this is the Spirit, rotating and making hard the Atoms, i.e. the Souls.

Serpent, Dragon, Kundalini, Ray of Light, Rope of Angel,s Antahkarana, Bridge, linking the Spirit with the Soul, Arkan of Spirit, Sutrama, Thread of Life, The thread of Fohat, Thread of the Firstborn – it's all the definitions for the same Spirit, but in a particular way, considered in relation to individual elementary particle.

“…the 'Breath which is eternal.' It proceeds from without inwardly, when it is everywhere, and from within outwardly, when it is nowhere -- (i.e., maya, one of the centres). It expands and contracts (exhalation and inhalation)” (Catechism of the occult, taken from “The Secret Doctrine” by HP Blavatsky).

“…absolute Abstract Motion representing Unconditioned Consciousness. Even our Western thinkers have shown that Consciousness is inconceivable to us apart from change, and motion best symbolizes change, its essential characteristic. This latter aspect of the one Reality, is also symbolized by the term "The Great Breath," a symbol sufficiently graphic to need no further elucidation. (“The Secret Doctrine” by HP Blavatsky, Prologue).

This something, at present unknown to Western speculation, is called by the occultists Fohat. It is the "bridge" by which the "Ideas" existing in the "Divine Thought" are impressed on Cosmic substance as the "laws of Nature. Fohat is thus the dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation; or, regarded from the other side, it is the intelligent medium, the guiding power of all manifestation, the "Thought Divine" transmitted and made manifest through the Dhyan-Chohans, the Architects of the visible World. Thus from Spirit, or Cosmic Ideation, comes our consciousness; from Cosmic Substance the several vehicles in which that consciousness is individualized and attains to self — or reflective — consciousness; while Fohat, in its various manifestations, is the mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life.” (“Secret Doctrine”, Blavatsky, Prologue).

Spirit is the first differentiation from THAT, the causeless cause of both Spirit and Matter” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 1.1).

"The Universal Mind" ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 1.3).

"The Great Breath" ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 1.6).

«Nous» («The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 1.9).

"Absolute Consciousness… behind phenomena" ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 1.9).

Archæus or "Father-Ether," — the manifested basis and source of the innumerable phenomena of life” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 1.9).

Self-analyzing Consciousness (Svasamvedana)” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 2.1).

The "Breath" of the One Existence is used in its application only to the spiritual aspect of Cosmogony by Archaic esotericism; otherwise, it is replaced by its equivalent in the material plane — Motion. The One Eternal Element, or element-containing Vehicle, is Space, dimensionless in every sense; co-existent with which are — endless duration, primordial (hence indestructible) matter, and motion absolute "perpetual motion" which is the "breath" of the "One" Element.” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 2.2).

“Water is the Mother, and Fire is the Father” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 2.3).

“…the Male element in Nature (personified by the male deities and Logoi — Viraj, or Brahma; Horus, or Osiris, etc., etc.) is born through, not from, an immaculate source, personified by the "Mother"; because that Male having a Mother cannot have a "Father"” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 2.4).

"The "Son" of the immaculate Celestial Virgin (or the undifferentiated cosmic protyle, Matter in its infinitude)” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 2.4).

…the Astral Light, the great Deceiver of man's limited senses” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 2.4).

“The idea of the "breath" of Darkness moving over "the slumbering Waters of life," which is primordial matter with the latent Spirit in it, recalls the first chapter of Genesis.” ("The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 3.2).

The solitary ray dropping into the mother deep may be taken as meaning Divine Thought or Intelligence, impregnating chaos” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 3.3).

"Sea of ​​Milk… Ocean of Milk" ("The Secret Doctrine", 1 Comment Stanza 3.4).

“The "fire," "heat," and "motion" here spoken of, are, of course, not the fire, heat, and motion of physical science” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1 Comment Stanza 3.6).

In our opinion, the fire and the heat of physical science - this is fire and heat of the occult – i.e. the second aspect of God.

“Even in the mind-baffling and science-harassing Genesis, light is created out of darkness "and darkness was upon the face of the deep" (ch. i. v. 2.) — and not vice versa. "In him (in darkness) was life; and the life was the light of men" (John i. 4). A day may come when the eyes of men will be opened; and then they may comprehend better than they do now, that verse in the Gospel of John that says "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not." They will see then that the word "darkness" does not apply to man's spiritual eyesight, but indeed to "Darkness," the absolute, that comprehendeth not (cannot cognize) transient light, however transcendent to human eyes. Demon est Deus inversus. The devil is now called Darkness by the Church, whereas, in the Bible he is called the "Son of God" (see Job), the bright star of the early morning, Lucifer (see Isaiah). There is a whole philosophy of dogmatic craft in the reason why the first Archangel, who sprang from the depths of Chaos, was called Lux (Lucifer), the "Luminous Son of the Morning," or man vantaric Dawn. He was transformed by the Church into Lucifer or Satan, because he is higher and older than Jehovah, and had to be sacrificed to the new dogma. (See Book II.)” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 3.6).

Kwan-Shai-Yin is identical with, and an equivalent of the Sanskrit Avalôkitêshwara, and as such he is an androgynous deity, like the Tetragrammaton and all the Logoi* of antiquity. It is only by some sects in China that he is anthropomorphized and represented with female attributes,† when, under his female aspect, he becomes Kwan-Yin, the goddess of mercy, called the "Divine Voice."” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1 Comment Stanza 3.7).

“"The "Dragon of Wisdom" is the One, the "Eka" (Sanskrit) or Saka. It is curious that Jehovah's name in Hebrew should also be One, Echod. "His name is Echod": say the Rabbins. The philologists ought to decide which of the two is derived from the other—linguistically and symbolically: surely, not the Sanskrit? The "One" and the Dragon are expressions used by the ancients in connection with their respective Logoi. Jehovah — esoterically (as Elohim) — is also the Serpent or Dragon that tempted Eve, and the "Dragon" is an old glyph for "Astral Light" (Primordial Principle), "which is the Wisdom of Chaos."” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 3.7).

The primitive symbol of the serpent symbolised divine Wisdom and Perfection, and had always stood for psychical Regeneration and Immortality. Hence — Hermes, calling the serpent the most spiritual of all beings; Moses, initiated in the wisdom of Hermes, following suit in Genesis; the Gnostic's Serpent with the seven vowels over its head, being the emblem of the seven hierarchies of the Septenary or Planetary Creators. Hence, also, the Hindu serpent Sesha or Ananta, "the Infinite," a name of Vishnu, whose first Vahan or vehicle on the primordial waters is this serpent. Like the logoi and the Hierarchies of Powers, however, the "Serpents" have to be distinguished one from the other. Sesha or Ananta, "the couch of Vishnu," is an allegorical abstraction, symbolizing infinite Time in Space, which contains the germ and throws off periodically the efflorescence of this germ, the manifested Universe; whereas, the gnostic Ophis contained the same triple symbolism in its seven vowels as the One, Three and Seven-syllabled Oeaohoo of the Archaic doctrine; i.e., the One Unmanifested Logos, the Second manifested, the triangle concreting into the Quaternary or Tetragrammaton, and the rays of the latter on the material plane.” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 3.7).

"In the Book of Hermes 'Pymander' oldest and most spiritual of the Logoi of the western continent, appears to Hermes in the form of the Fire Dragon of" Light, Fire and Flame. "Pymander, personified "Divine Thought", says: "The light - it is I, I am the Nous (mind or Manu), I am a God, I'm a lot older than the human element coming from the shadows (darkness, or in the Deity), I am the germ of thought, resplendent Word, the Son of God. All that because he sees and hears in you, there is a verb Teachers. It - Thought (Mahat) which is God the Father. Heavenly Ocean, Ether ... is the Breath of the Father - the life-giving Home, Mother - the Holy Spirit ... for they are inseparable and their fusion is the Life "(" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, taken from the Commentary on Stanza 3.7).

Fire is Æther in its purest form, and hence is not regarded as matter, but it is the unity of Æther — the second manifested deity — in its universality” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1 Comment Stanza 4.1).

"The Central, Spiritual Sun" ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 4.1).

When the Son separates from the Mother he becomes the Father” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 4.3).

The "army of the Voice" is a term closely connected with the mystery of Sound and Speech, as an effect and corollary of the cause — Divine Thought.” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 4.4).

The "Army of the Voice," is the prototype of the "Host of the Logos," or the "WORD" of the Sepher Jezirah, called in the Secret Doctrine "the One Number issued from No-Number" — the One Eternal Principle.” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 4.4).

Fohat is closely related to the "ONE LIFE." From the Unknown One, the Infinite TOTALITY, the manifested ONE, or the periodical, Manvantaric Deity, emanates; and this is the Universal Mind, which, separated from its Fountain-Source, is the Demiurgos or the creative Logos of the Western Kabalists” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 5.2).

Fohat, then, is the personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding Unity of all Cosmic Energies, on the unseen as on the manifested planes, the action of which resembles — on an immense scale — that of a living Force created by WILL, in those phenomena where the seemingly subjective acts on the seemingly objective and propels it to action. Fohat is not only the living Symbol and Container of that Force, but is looked upon by the Occultists as an Entity — the forces he acts upon being cosmic, human and terrestrial, and exercising their influence on all those planes respectively. On the earthly plane his influence is felt in the magnetic and active force generated by the strong desire of the magnetizer. On the Cosmic, it is present in the constructive power that carries out, in the formation of things — from the planetary system down to the glow-worm and simple daisy — the plan in the mind of nature, or in the Divine Thought, with regard to the development and growth of that special thing. He is, metaphysically, the objectivised thought of the gods; the "Word made flesh," on a lower scale, and the messenger of Cosmic and human ideations: the active force in Universal Life. In his secondary aspect, Fohat is the Solar Energy, the electric vital fluid,* and the preserving fourth principle, the animal Soul of Nature, so to say, or—Electricity.” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, Commentary on Stanza 5.2).

“"Force," "Energy," may be a better name for it” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1 Comment Stanza 5.2).

The Zeroana Akerne is also the "Boundless Circle of the Unknown Time," from which Circle issues the radiant light — the Universal SUN, or Ormazd † — and the latter is identical with Kronos, in his Æolian form, that of a Circle” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 5.2).

A bright star dropped from the heart of Eternity; the beacon of hope on whose Seven Rays hang the Seven Worlds of Being” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 5.4).

“"Fire," it says, "is the most perfect and unadulterated reflection, in Heaven as on Earth, of the ONE FLAME. It is Life and Death, the origin and the end of every material thing. It is divine 'SUBSTANCE.’ ” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1, taken from the Commentary to Stanza 5.4).

…the personal Ego and the impersonal Self, the Noumenon and Parent-Source” ("The Secret Doctrine", 1, Commentary on Stanza 5.6).

…in Occult metaphysics there are, properly speaking, two "ONES" — the One on the unreachable plane of Absoluteness and Infinity, on which no speculation is possible, and the Second "One" on the plane of Emanations. The former can neither emanate nor be divided, as it is eternal, absolute, and immutable. The Second, being, so to speak, the reflection of the first One (for it is the Logos, or Iswara, in the Universe of Illusion)” (" The Secret Doctrine ", 1 Comment Stanza 5.6).

“As well said in the Bhagavadgita Lectures, "The whole Kosmos must necessarily exist in the One Source of energy from which this light (Fohat) emanates." Whether we count the principles in Kosmos and man as seven or only as four, the forces of, and in, physical Nature are Seven; and it is stated by the same authority that "Pragna, or the capacity of perception, exists in seven different aspects corresponding to the seven conditions of matter" (Personal and impersonal God). For, "just as a human being is composed of seven principles, differentiated matter in the Solar System exists in seven different conditions" (ibid). So does Fohat. He is One and Seven, and on the Cosmic plane is behind all such manifestations as light, heat, sound, adhesion, etc., etc., and is the "spirit" of ELECTRICITY, which is the LIFE of the Universe. As an abstraction, we call it the ONE LIFE; as an objective and evident Reality, we speak of a septenary scale of manifestation, which begins at the upper rung with the One Unknowable CAUSALITY, and ends as Omnipresent Mind and Life immanent in every atom of Matter. Thus, while science speaks of its evolution through brute matter, blind force, and senseless motion, the Occultists point to intelligent LAW and sentient LIFE, and add that Fohat is the guiding Spirit of all this." ("The Secret Doctrine", 1 Comment Stanza 6.2).


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