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Experiment 2. Getting CVC semiconductor Zener diode

Assemble the circuit according to fig. 3. 10.

Fig. 3. 10. The scheme to getting the VAC semiconductor Zener diode


Turn the assembled circuit simulation. Altering the EMF of source in the order given in table. 3. 10, measure the currents of the circuit and drop the voltage on the Zener diode.

Table 3. 10

Definition of CVC of semiconductor Zener diode

E, V
U, V                
I, A                


For obtained data in the third quadrant of the Cartesian coordinate system construct the dependence I(U).


Experiment 3. Getting CVC nonlinear DC circuit

Assemble the electrical circuit for the experiment depicted in fig. 3. 11.

Fig. 3. 11. The scheme for getting CVC nonlinear DC circuit


Turn on the modeling process of the collected schemes. Changing of the source EMF according to the values shown in table. 3. 11, measure the corresponding values of the currents. Measurement results record in table. 3. 11.

Table 3. 11

The definition of a nonlinear chain of CVC

E, V I, A E, V I, A


According to the obtained results build a CVC non-linear circuit I(E).

The same build run on the basis of the well-known CVC semiconductor Zener diode and resistors included in the circuit shown in fig. 3. 11.





1. What determines the resistance of two series-and parallel-connected resistors?

2. How to determine the equivalent EMF of two series-connected sources?

3. How to determine the equivalent current of two parallel connected sources?

4. What is the difference between an ideal source of energy from non-ideal?

5. How to replace a non-ideal source of EMF is equivalent nonideal current source?

6. Write down expressions for Ohm's law for subcircuit and for the complete chain.

7. Write down expressions for the first and second Kirchhoff's laws.

8. What are the methods of calculation of nonlinear DC circuits used in practice?

9. What does the voltampere characteristic of a semiconductor diode look like?

10. What does the voltampere characteristic of a semiconductor Zener diode look like?


Chapter 4. The electric circuit of sinusoidal current


Experimental determination of the parameters

Elements of AC circuits

Electric circuit AC with the series connection

Of elements

Electric circuit AC with parallel connection

Of elements

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