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How can GDP be calculated?

Very good (9,5)

The main problem of the article is that disorder, for example, litter, leads to a significant increase in crime rate. The article deals with the “broken windows theory”, which is strongly connected with this problem. The text gives a valuable information on the study, which proves this theory. It gives a detailed analysis of different situations, in which the behavior of people in places, where there is a disorder, is compared with behavior of people in clear places. Results of the study showed that the number of crimes, made in places, covered with litter and graffities, is twice bigger than the number of crimes, committed in tidy places. Thus, the research of this kind may help to decrease the crime rate.

Very good (10), mind your introduction, you can't say the problem of the article - it's the problem discussed in the article.

This article deals with the a “broken windows theory” which states that there is a link between the behavior of people and what they observe others to be doing. Kees Keizer and his colleagues made a series of experiments to find out whether it is true or false. In their experiments they observed the changes changings in the way of people behave that were caused by the signs of vandalism, litter and low – level law-breaking. The text gives a detailed description of them and their results. There are also lots of examples from a real life that confirm the theory. The information from this article may help to decrease the crime rate and is of interest to every person.

Very good (9) though you could say more about the results.

The article deals with the idea that graffiti-spraying and other forms of petty crimes promote anti-social behavior. Many psychologists and sociologists can prove it. They use a special technique of a social experiment conducted in a usual urban environment, when they compare peoples’ behavior in the atmosphere of disorder on the one hand and order on the other another hand. The examples of such experiments and quite surprising and even frightening results are shown in the text. The article will interest everybody, who is keen on sociology and psychology and who feels that this problem can be real in any city.

Very good (9), but the section where you describe major results of the experiment (underlined) seems incomplete, you didn’t reveal what actual results were, but gave your emotional evaluation, which is not acceptable.

This article represents the work of researchers in the Netherlands referred to the problem of improper environment affecting the rate of petty crime. Kees Keiser and his colleagues conducted a series of experiments, which were aimed at the revealing that such kind of environment as littered streets and buildings all covered in graffiti can increase the rate of such crimes as ignoring road signs??? or stealing from mailboxes. Also it contains the explanation of Dr Kelling`s and Wilson`s “broken windows theory”. All the features are given, so you can compare and make your own opinion about this essential problem.


Very good (9), though I didn’t like the final sentence containing personal address to the audience. Try to stick to the academic style that tends to be impersonal.


The article deals with the fact that people’s observing disorder around them results in the rise of in the crime rate. Kees Keizer from the University of Groningen named the idea the “broken windows theory”. With a the help of his colleagues he conducted several experiments, which proved the theory. Two? experiments involved bicycle owners: the researchers placed leaflets on the bicycles and examined the reaction in a situation of order and disorder. The signs of vandalism resulted in increasing the number of people starting littering.The paper also emphasizes that the number of people ready to steal doubles in a condition of disorder.It is concluded that disorder can really have an impact on people’s behavior and the police is are given a message that they should take littering and graffiti into account seriously.

Very good (9,5) Try not to overcomplicate sentences grammatically.

There have already been several huge collisions of asteroids and meteorites with the Earth. And scientists are now concerned about the problem of preventing global devastation coming from space. Many Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are still unexplored. EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Science Research Council) is conducting a research project now, aimed on at simulating possible methods of deflecting asteroids from our planet. The paper gives the information about the newest scientific ideas and methods of how to deal with a the situation. It also tells about the experiment, which is going to be carried out by ESA (European Space Agency) in 2029.

Very good (9) Don’t use abbreviations

Most scientists agree that there is a real threat of an asteroid collision which could result in a global devastation. This article presents descriptions of such events that occurred in the past and lists a few methods of preventing dangerous impact of Near Earth Objects. It is concluded that it is theoretically possible to prevent such disaster with our modern technologies, but it must be proved by experiment on a real asteroid, which is expected to make its pass close to the Earth. Thus, humankind will be more aware of its safety nowadays and capabilities in the case of extreme situations.

Very good (9,5)

As the title implies the article describes the threat of a meteorite hitting the Earth. The text gives brief information on the history of the collisions, the danger of asteroids striking our planet and the level of scientists’ knowledge in this area. Different methods of preventing collisions are discussed in the article. Such research that is conducted by European Space Agency may save the Earth from a global devastation. Also the text describes the up-coming experiment aimed to neutralize the threat of a smash that is expected to happen just in 2029.

A very good abstract (10) and a nice picture

The main problem of the article is the possibility of the collision of the Earth with huge asteroids. It gives valuable information on some of these accidents, which had a great impact on the history of the planet. The text also gives a detailed analysis of the methods of deflecting the asteroids from the atmosphere of the Earth, by changing their direction. Moreover, it describes the plans of European Space Agency, which concern this problem. Thus, the research of this kind may help to protect our planet from the threat of the total devastation.

Very good (10)

There are many large objects, such as meteorites and asteroids, which are freely drifting through the Universe. Nowadays a great number of scientist believe that these objects are of a real threat to the Earth. This study tells ? why asteroids threaten our planet and raises the following question: is it possible to avoid asteroids colliding the Earth?(raises the question of possibility to avoid) The article contains a lot of interesting examples of asteroids and meteorites which hit the Earth and describes consequences of those hittings. It also gives valuable information on surprising predictions and recent research aimed at finding solutions to the aforesaid problem. This article is of interest to those who want to learn more about the development of science and current research.


Very good (9) but don’t use direct questions in abstracts


How can GDP be calculated?

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