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White and Hypomelanotic Macular Lesions

∑ Vitiligo

∑ Albinism

∑ Piebaldism

∑ Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome

∑ Tuberous sclerosis

∑ Waardenburg's syndrome

∑ Hyperthyroidism

∑ Hypoparathyroidism

∑ Addison's disease

∑ Hypopituitarism

∑ Pernicious anemia

∑ Halo nevus (Leukoderma acquisitum centrifugum - Hyde and Sutton)

∑ Nevus depigmentosus

∑ Leprosy - tuberculoid

∑ Pityriasis alba

∑ Chediak-Higashi syndrome(CHS) was described by Beguez Cesar in 1943, Steinbrinck in 1948, Chédiak in 1952, and Higashi in 1954. CHS is a rare childhood autosomal recessive disorder that affects multiple systems of the body. Patients with CHS exhibit hypopigmentation of the skin, eyes, and hair; prolonged bleeding times; easy bruisability; recurrent infections; abnormal natural killer cell function; and peripheral neuropathy. Morbidity results from patients succumbing to frequent bacterial infections or to an accelerated-phase lymphoproliferation into the major organs of the body. Most patients who do not undergo bone marrow transplantation die of a lymphoproliferative syndrome, although some patients with CHS have a relatively milder clinical course of the disease.

∑ Post-inflammatory depigmentation

- Phenylketonuria (pigment dilution) Photosensitivity disorders in children include a wide array of conditions, many of which are unique to this age group.

Prompt diagnosis of these disorders becomes difficult at times because of the overlapping clinical pictures.

Genodermatoses and metabolic disorders may have associated systemic involvement, which may lead to these children

presenting to pediatricians who may overlook the photosensitivity. A dermatologistís consultation is essential in such

cases for specific instructions and counseling of parents regarding photoprotection in these children. This intervention

may improve the quality of life by reducing the morbidity and chances of early mortality. This review includes a

comprehensive discussion of the distinguishing clinical features of childhood photodermatoses along with general

guidelines regarding their investigation and treatment.

Key Words: Photosensitivity, Genodermatoses, Idiopathic photodermatoses

∑ Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis

∑ Syphilitic leukoderma (L2)

∑ Scleroderma / morphea - #2

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