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College of technology

This has the same meaning as technical college, but is more recent, and usually denotes a newer institution providing more advanced courses than a traditional technical college.

The term college of advanced technologyis now obsolete. It was used only between 1956 and 1962. These colleges, or CATs,as they were often called, were originally ordinary technical colleges, ten in number, which were chosen to concentrate on advanced work and finally became universities, the so-called technological universities,in 1962 (see unit 35).

43. college of commerceor commercial college

Such colleges teach commercial subjects, or, as they are often called now, office studies,that is, shorthand (""), typing (""), book-keeping (" ") and other subjects connected with commerce and administration.

College of art (and design) or art college

Such colleges teach drawing, painting, sculpture, applied art, fashion design, furniture design, etc. They train art teachers and designers.

45. There are other types of specialised college, for example,
agricultural college, college of building, and so on. However,
many people receive their vocational training not at a special
ised college but in one of the departments of a more general
college, such as a college of technology, or a polytechnic,
which will be considered in the next unit.


Although there have been institutions called polytechnics in Britain for a long time, the term now usually refers to institutions established since 1967. The first new ones were formed then, either from single technical colleges, colleges of technology, or groups of these, or groups of technical, building, art and commercial colleges, which were reorganised under the name of polytechnics as centres for advanced courses in a wide range of subjects. Some of the work is of university level, and thus is officially described as the higher education sector within further education.

47. There are also some private colleges, which train people
for a particular job. One example is the secretarial college,

which trains girls to be secretaries.


The names of some establishments which train people for various occupations traditionally have the word school instead of college, although they cannot in general be called schools (without a modifier). Here are some examples:

Art school

Art schools teach drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. The most well-known is the Slade School of Fine Art, in London (in non-formal style often called simply the Slade). However, most other art institutions are called art colleges (see unit 44 above).

Drama school

These are establishments for training actors, directors, etc. One very well-known school of this type is the Central School of Speech and Drama, in London. However, the most famous drama school in England is the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art also in London (see unit 49).

ballet school " "

school of librarianship an establishment for training librarians.

There are also some private schools which do not train people for a job, but give some kind of specialised instruction. Two examples are:

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