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Forms of teaching or learning

Higher Education

Topical Vocabulary

Higher education

Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko, state/private university, academy, institute, an educational/academic institution, a higher educational establishment, faculty/school, department, to go to university/college, to be at university/college, to enter university/college, to get a place at Oxford, to graduate from university/college, to expel smb from university/college, to drop out of university/college, to leave/withdraw from the course, term, academic year, to get/receive an education, a studentís identity card/ID card.

People at university

Student, undergraduate, freshman/sophomore/junior/senior (AmE), graduate, postgraduate, teaching staff, rector, vice-rector, dean, head of the department, academic, professor (full professor AmE), senior lecturer (associate professor AmE), lecturer (assistant professor AmE), teaching assistant, instructor, tutor, a full-time student, a mature student, a gifted student, a distinguished scholar.

Parts of a university

Deanís office, sports ground, canteen, cloakroom, library, hall of residence/dormitory (AmE), assembly hall, classroom/room, campus, to live on/off campus, to rent a flat, to share a flat with smb.

What is taught

Syllabus, curriculum, academic subjects, major (AmE), to major in Psychology, degree, to do/study for/take a degree in Social Pedagogy, to pass a university degree with honours, an Honours degree, to get/obtain a diploma in Speech Therapy, to have/get a degree in Special Education, to sign up for/enrol on/for a course in engineering, to take/do a course in computer programming, to complete a course, to take a correspondence course in psychology, to do/study/take a subject, discipline, to do a postgraduate course/degree, to get/obtain/acquire a qualification in social work, to acquire knowledge.

Paying for education

To pay tuition fees

student loan: to take out/repay/pay off/pay back a loan

grant: to get a grant for further education

financial aid: to receive/apply for financial aid

scholarship: to win a scholarschip to Oxford


Bachelorís degree

to do/get/have a BEd (Bachelor of Education) in Primary School Teaching

to do/get/have a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in History

masterís degree

to do/get/have a MEd (Master of Education) in Preschool Teaching

to do/get/have a MSc (Master of Science) in Biology


to get a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Economics

Forms of teaching or learning

A lecture on History, to do/give a lecture, to attend lectures, class, seminar, debate, to take/make notes, to read widely for an exam, to revise for an exam, to cram/swot for the test, to write a thesis on preschool teaching, to do/write an essay on/about human emotions, to do/carry out/conduct research into/on the effects of stress at work, to do/write an assignment, a module in English literature, to hand in an essay, to do the first/final draft of an essay, to give feedback, continuous assessment, evaluation, tutorial, laboratory work, distance learning, e-learning (online education AmE), self-study, to play truant, truancy, to skip classes/lectures, to catch up with the group, to fall behind the group, to hold a class, to provide training in teaching, to make a mistake in grammar, to correct mistakes, extracurricular activities.

Exams and results

To do/take/sit an exam, to sit for the entry examination, to pass an exam/to do well in an exam, to fail an exam/to do badly in an exam, to resit an exam, final examinations/finals, credit, to cheat in the test, to get a high/low mark in English, to get a good grade (A or B) in Geography, to be good/bad/hopeless at Maths, to get nine out of ten points for the test, a straight A student, degree certificate, a graduation ceremony.

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