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Choose the right option.

1.He ________ there when he was a child.

a) has lived b) lived

2.I _______ her since last year.

a) haven’t seen b) didn't see

3.They ______ a few minutes ago.

a) left b) have left

4.She _______ unemployed since she left school.

a) has not been b) was not

5.They _______ the contract last week.

a) finalized b) have finalized

6. The film ________ yet.

a) hasn’t started b) didn’t start

7.She _______ ill since Thursday.

a) was b) has been

8.I ________ the project last night.

a) have finished b) finished

9.Look – someone ________ their handbag in the room.

a) left b) has left

10. ___________to Rome?

a) Did you ever go b) Have you ever been

11.I can’t get into my house because I _________ my keys.

a) lost b) have lost

12. Nobody __________ the phone when it rang.

a) answered b) has answered

13.I ________ up smoking last year.

a) gave b) have given

14.You can’t see her because she _________ home.

a) has gone b) went

15. __________to the United States?

a) Did you ever go b) Have you ever been


Past Perfect Tense

  1. Make sentences from the box.
A B because I had   because I hadn’t C
1. I couldn’t answer the questions crashed his car.
  1. I was hungry
passed my driving test.
  1. My mother was worried
got stuck in a traffic jam.
  1. I was late
flown in a plane before.
  1. I was pleased
slept badly.
  1. I was nervous during the flight
revised for the exam.
  1. My father was furious
been in touch for a long time.
  1. I was tired
eaten all day.

Join these pairs of sentences, using the conjunctions in brackets. Change one verb into the Past Perfect (I had done).

Model: I had a bath, I went to bed. (after) – After I’d had a bath, I went to bed.

  1. I read the letter. I threw it away. (when)
  2. He passed his driving test, he bought a car. (as soon as)
  3. I took the book back to the library. I finished reading it. (when)
  4. I didn’t go to bed. I did my homework. (until)
  5. I spent all my money. I went home. (when)
  6. I read the book. I saw the film. (before)
  7. Her children left home. She started writing. (after)

3. Supply the Past Perfect (I had done) / Past Simple (I did).

  1. They had locked the gates before I got there. (to lock / to get)
  2. By the time we ………….., the party …………… (to arrive / to finish)
  3. I ……………the shop as soon as I ………the contents of the box. (to ring / to check)
  4. After we …………it on the phone, I ……….him a letter about it. (to discuss / to write)
  5. We ……………a good rest when our guests ……………(to have / all leave)
  6. When she ……….the office this morning, Jim…………(to ring / already / to go out)
  7. Before we …………Tim to the theater, he ………a stage play before. (to take / never / to see)
  8. I ………the carpet when the dog ……....in and ……….himself. (just / clean / to come / to shake)
  9. He ………...to do the job in an hour, but he still ………….by 10 o’clock. (to promise / not / to finish)


4. Open the brackets using the verbs in Past Simple (I did) / Past Continuous (I was doing) / Past Perfect (I had done)

  1. Gerry (to be) at home when you arrived? – No, he (to go) on a date.
  2. By 8 p.m. the boss (to sign) the documents and by 8 p.m. the secretary (to make) a report.
  3. When he (to see) me, I (to read) the newspaper which I (to buy) in the street.
  4. Beth just (to go home) when I (to phone) her.
  5. When Alison (to enter) the house she (to see) that her son (to play) with a ball she (to buy) in the shop.
  6. They (to arrive) to the theater late. The play already (to begin).
  7. When I (to come) in the hall, they (to unpack) the clothes they (to receive) from their foreign friends.
  8. Her brother (to be) taken to hospital because he (to have) a car accident.


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