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Verbs to be, to have, to do


1. Put in the following forms of to be (am, are, is) into the gaps in the text.

Peter Baker _____ from Manchester, but Paul and John _____ from London. Manchester and London _____ cities in England. Hamburg _____ a city in Germany. Sandra _____ at school today. Jack and Peter _____ her friends. They _____ in the same class. Mr. and Mrs. Baker _____ on a trip to the USA to visit their cousin Anne. She _____ a nice girl. Peter says, ďMy grandfather _____ in hospital. I _____ at home with my grandmother.Ē What time _____ it? It _____ 8 oíclock. _____ you tried? No, I _____ not.


2. Supply am, is, are, was, were or werenít.

  1. Her family name is now Jones, but it was Smith before she got married.
  2. The name of the country _____ previously Rhodesia, but it _____ now Zimbabve.
  3. I _____ hungry. Ė You canít be. We only had breakfast an hour ago.
  4. She _____ a very nice woman, but her late husband _____ a very unpleasant man.
  5. Iím sure the twins _____ 18 today: they _____ 17 last year.
  6. ___ Fred and Carmen at home when you called? Ė No, they _____, but they _____ home now.
  7. It _____ quite foggy tonight, but it _____ far worse last night.
  8. My ambition _____ to start my own window-cleaning business, but it didnít work out.

3. Decide which tense / number of the expression there is / are fits in the sentence below.

  1. There _____ much information yet about the end-of-year tests. Do you know when they will be?
  1. 2.There _____ no snow here at Christmas since 1999.
  2. _____ there any more cake? Ė No, Iíve eaten it all!
  3. _____ there any books youíd like to borrow? Ė Thanks, but Iíve read them all already.
  4. There _____ a man on the phone. He wants to speak to you.
  5. Sorry, Iím late. There _____ ice on the road and everyone was driving very slowly.
  6. Have you done all your shopping yet? There _____ many days left until Christmas.
  7. There _____ so many mistakes in your written work if you check it more carefully.
  8. There _____ quite a lot of mistakes in your work. Have you checked it?
  9. _____ there an accident on the motorway this morning? Ė Yes, a truck had broken done and was blocking 2 lanes.

4. Make good sentences with have and its forms + the words in brackets.

  1. (a meal) We had an awful meal at the Station Hotel .
  2. (a dream) _____ .
  3. (a haircut) _____ .
  4. (a sense of humour) _____ .
  5. (a good trip) _____ .
  6. (a lovely day) _____ .
  7. (a pain) _____ .

5. Look at the underlined forms of have, has or had in the following sentences. Decide whether these verbs are auxiliary verbs or main verbs.

  1. This old house has no central heating.
  2. Do you have a glass of water?
  3. I have had this computer for three years.
  4. She has had her dog since 2005.
  5. Lisa has been singing for 10 minutes now.
  6. My parents had fish for dinner.
  7. Did you have a shower this morning?
  8. Frank had played tennis when he was 12.
  9. Look, the bus is coming. We have to hurry.
  10. Has Mrs. Jones written the essay?

6. Complete the following sentences by using the right form of to have (have, has, had).

  1. Jack _____ fun at the party last Saturday.
  2. Iím sorry, but I _____ to go now.
  3. _____ you ever been to Canada?
  4. Dave _____ passed his driving test.
  5. Can I _____ the bill, please?
  6. The match _____ already started when we arrived.
  7. They _____ breakfast at 6:30 this morning.
  8. Do you _____ a brother?
  9. My boss never _____ time.
  10. Doris _____ been waiting for Pam for 20 minutes now.

7. Define the meaning of the verb ďto doĒ in the following sentences.

1. One must do oneís duty. 2. She does her homework in the evening. 4. I do not speak English well. 5. Donít do it. Itís dangerous. 6. He does know how to translate this sentence. 7. Donít be noisy. 8. I have done some shopping.

8. Complete the following sentences by using the right form of to do (do, donít, does, doesnít, did, didnít, done).

  1. My mother has _____ the shopping.
  2. Walter _____ fly to Rome, he flies to Venice.
  3. _____ you recycle inkjet cartridges?
  4. _____ drink and drive.
  5. When _____ the first lesson start?
  6. Yesterday Rick _____ forget his homework.
  7. What have you _____ with your money, Jack?
  8. Last week we _____ write a test.
  9. _____ Amy come to school by bike every morning?
  10. Have you ever _____ anything silly?

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