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Read the following dialogues.

A: What do you think of package holidays?

B: Well, theyíre usually very cheap, but joining a crowd of noisy people and eating plastic food is not my idea of a holiday.

A: Are the resorts worth visiting?

B: Some of them are, but in my experience itís better to arrange private accommodation rather than accepting the tour operatorís choice of hotel.

A: But surely, you can see what youíre getting in the holiday brochure.

B: You may see a picture of the hotel and there may even be a popular beach, but if you want to go to a nicer locality, you can spend all day getting there.

A: Then how do you go about making your own arrangements?

B: Itís not as difficult as you think. First, you look at the Ďflight onlyí advertisements on teletext, in Sunday newspapers or travel shop windows to get an idea of the best time to go. I usually go in early June or mid September to avoid school children. Thereís a good range of flights and prices arenít too high.

A: How do you find private accommodation?

B: Thatís very easy in Europe because many British people buy holiday villas which they let to other people while theyíre not staying there themselves. They advertise in journals such as Daltonís Weekly, Exchange & Mart and in Sunday newspapers.

A: I suppose that if they own these homes, they must be in nice locations.

B: Thatís the point. Also, they are usually well maintained and the owners will leave you details of the best shops, restaurants and places to visit. They really want you to recommend their homes to your friends. However, remember to ask them about transport, especially if you donít drive.

A: Surely, most of these resorts would have bus services.

B: There are two problems here. Some of these homes are a long way from bus routes. Moreover, bus services can disappear altogether when the tourist season comes to an end. Many of these resorts are like ghost towns from October to May.


Front Desk Clerk: Welcome to the Peachtree Plaza. Do you have a reservation?

You: Yes, I do. Iíll be staying for two or three days.

Front Desk Clerk: Are you here for business or pleasure?

You: Excuse me?

Front Desk Clerk: Is this a business trip or just a vacation?

You: Both, actually. My aunt died recently in Atlanta. Iíve come to take care of her estate.

Front Desk Clerk: Iím sorry for your loss. By the way, will you be paying cash or with a credit card?

You: A credit card. Whatís the rate?

Front Desk Clerk: $129,00 per night. Thereís also a complementary continental breakfast. Here, Iíll make a copy of your card.

You: Whereís my room?

Front Desk Clerk: Take the elevator on the right to the seventy-fifth floor. Youíre in room 758. The bellman will bring your bags later.

(You leave the lobby for the elevator. You canít believe that youíre spending the night on the seventy-fifth floor of an American skyscraper. Youíre a little nervous as the elevator doors close).


Receptionist: Are you checking out now?

Guest: Yes, sorry. I know weíre a few minutes late.

R: Thatís no problem. Itís always really busy at check out time anyway.

G: Oh, really. The last hotel we stayed in charged us for a late check out.

R: The hotel isnít booked this week, so itís not a problem. How was everything?

G: The room was great. The beds were really comfortable, and we werenít expecting our own fridge.

R: Iím glad you liked it.

G: The kids were disappointed that the pool wasnít open this morning, though.

R: I apologize for that. We canít get a cleaner in any earlier than 10 a.m.

G: Well, we had a nice swim last night anyhow.

R: Will you be putting this on your credit card?

G: No. Iíll pay cash.

R: OK. So the total comes to $123.67, including tax.

G: I thought it was $115 even. Thatís what they said yesterday when we checked in.

R: Yes, but there is an extra room charge on your bill.

G: Oh, I forgot. My husband ordered a plate of nachos. Sorry.

R: No problem. So...from $140, hereís your change. Now, Iíll just need to ask you for your room keys.


  1. Use the following words to complete the sentences below.

bill, bottle, dessert, drinks, fish and chips, hungry, menu, non-smoker, order, table  


Guest: A ______for two, please.

Waiter: Smoker or______?

Guest: Non-smoker, please.

Waiter: Here you go. Would you like to see the______?

Guest: Yes, please. We are very______.

The guests look at the menu.

Waiter: Are you ready to______?

Guest: Weíd like______, please.

Waiter: Would you like any______?

Guest: An orange juice, a coke and a ______of red wine.

The guests have finished their meals.

Waiter: Would you like a_______?

Guest: No, thank you. Could we have the_______, please?


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