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Read the following dialogues.

Calling Your Travel Agent

- Cathai Pacific Airways. Can I help you?

- Yes. I need a flight from Tokyo to New York for Friday. Do you have any seats?

- Let me see. Yes. I have one on the 5:30 flight.

- Five thirty! Whatís the check-in time?

- One hour economy. Thirty minutes business class. Will you take that?

- Ni, I wonít get to the airport in time. When will the next flight leave?

- There wonít be another direct flight on Friday. There will be one on Saturday at the same time.

- Fine, Iíll take that.

- Just let me check. Oh, I am sorry. That flightís full.


On the Ship

- Do you happen to know when our ship is due in Amsterdam?

- According to the timetable we are due there at noon tomorrow, but I think we are one hour late.

- Oh, it doesnít matter, weíll catch up.

- The sea has been quite calm since the beginning of the voyage, but Iím afraid the night might bring us a storm.

- There is nothing to be afraid of, Iím sure weíll come on schedule and have a good landing tomorrow.

- Well, good night, then. Iím going to my cabin now. I feel somewhat sleepy.

- Happy dreams.


At the Customs

- The passport control officer is coming. He will ask you for your passport and visa.

- Here it is. I believe he will ask me about the purpose of my visit.

- Thatís right. Besides, he may look through your luggage.

- Do I have to answer all of his questions?

- No doubt, and try to be polite as well.

- I see. I have got a bottle of perfume and a bottle of whiskey. Are they liable to duty?

- I donít think so. Iíve got a box of liqueur chocolates. Itís duty free.

- I wonder if itís necessary to declare tobacco.

- Thereís 100% duty on it if you exceed 300 gr. Then, you pat the duty. Anyhow as soon as we go through customs our journey will be coming to an end. Iím happy about it as Iím quite exhausted.


- Welcome to Canada. May I see your passport please?

- Sure. Here it is.

- Where are you coming from?

- Iím coming from Seoul, Korea.

- What is the purpose of your visit?

- I'm here on business.

- How long are you planning to stay?

- I'll be staying for three weeks.

- Where will you be staying?

- Iíll be staying at a hotel.

- Have you ever been to Canada before?

- No, this is my first time.

- Do you have anything to declare?

- No, nothing.

- Enjoy your stay.

- Thank you.


- Could you tell me, please, the time of the first morning plane to Frankfurt?

- Yes. The first plane leaves at 8.15.

- Thanks. And can you tell me when it arrives so that I can let my secretary know.

- It arrives at 10.00 but it may be a little late because the weather forecast is bad.

- I see. Do you happen to know the time of the last plane this evening then?

- Well, thereís one at 11.15 but itís fully booked, Iím afraid.

- Oh, well, I wonder if youíd let me know at my hotel if thereís a cancellation on that fly, Iíd be very grateful.

- Yes, sure. Iíll do that for you. Whatís your number?

- 3596. Thank you. Now could you tell me how I can get to Leicester Square, please?


- Hello, Helen! You seem to have a lot of luggage with you. Donít you want a porter for your case?

- Iíd rather not. Itís not heavy.

- Going far?

- All the way. Iím going to Manchester.

- Got a sleeper?

- No.

- You ought to have a sleeper going all the way like that. Two nights on a train. Itís no joke.


Fill in the right word from the word box.

A Railway Station

to lose tickets, to start, compartment, the lunch basket, has arrived, station, to miss the train, waiting for the train, luggage, the best seat, railway station, passengers, blow their whistles, departure, are banged, the platform, arrive at the destination

Hardly anybody is in the normal state of mind on a Ö.. . Either one Ö.. far too early and is irritated by the vast of time involved in Ö.., or one has left for Ö.. too late and is afraid to leave Ö.. behind, or to forget Ö.., or Ö.. or Ö.. altogether. All oneís natural kindness and good manners seem to disappear on the railway station and in a train which is about Ö.. . One rushes for Ö.., looks indignantly at Ö.. who come into the same Ö.. . As the time of Ö.. of the train draws nearer, the anxiety increases. Doors Ö.., guards shout and Ö.. . everybody shouts out the things that have been said a thousand times, those on Ö.. beg those on the train to write to them when they Ö.. .

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