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B) Find synonyms in the text for these words and expressions. Paragraph numbers are in brackets.

threatening (1) / ugly (1) / fad (2) / classy (2) / damage to property (3) / depressed area (3) / receptive (5) / acknowledges (5) / products (6) / advertising and selling (6)


C) Answer the questions about the text. Use words from exercise 2.

  1. Why did New Yorkers consider graffiti the work of vandals?
  2. Why did graffiti artists suddenly become respectable in NY?
  3. What influence did music have on the popularity of graffiti artists?
  4. In what way does Europe take graffiti art more seriously than the USA?
  5. How do some graffiti artists make money?
  6. What are the tools of graffiti art?
  1. Read the text and do the after-text activities.

What’s the Point?

Lisa West went to meet a professional body piercer and asked…

Everywhere you look these days, you can see people that have got rings – hanging from ears and pushed through noses, lips and eyebrows. And they are in lots of other places that you can’t see, too!

Mick Shannon, who is a qualified body piercer, took me to his saloon. I was looking at the walls, covered with photos of clients, showing off their rings and jewellery and Mick pointed out his certificate, which was on the wall. ‘Some people give our profession a bad name,’ he said. ‘They don’t clean their equipment, which shows they don’t know what they are doing. I’ve known people who have got disease like hepatitis from cheap ear-piercing guns. I only pierce young people whose parent or guardian is with them. And they have to be over fifteen to have their navel done and over eighteen for their tongue.’

Is it an expensive fashion? ‘That depends. Ears, costing $8, are cheap, eyebrows are about $35, and the tongue over $100. Anything else I have to negotiate!’

I watched Mick pierce a girl’s navel. First he marked the area where he had disinfected the skin, then he pushed a needle through. He finished by giving the girl advice on how to help the skin get better, which was a nice professional touch.


a) What can people have done to their bodies? Match the key words with the parts of the body in the box.

Parts of the body Key words Procedure done
arm Dyed  
ears pierced  
eyebrows shaved  
hair tattooed  
nails varnished  


E) Answer the following questions.

  1. Why do some people give a profession ‘a bad name’?
  2. How can body piercing go wrong? Is there any risk?
  3. Is body piercing expensive abroad / in your country?
  4. What are the reasons of piercing?
  5. What metals for jewellery should piercing use?


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