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  1. Where do these activities belong? Distribute them into the categories in the box.

Surfing, go shopping, scuba diving, playing video games, skiing, sunbathing, surfing the internet, building sand castles, hiking, swimming, horse riding, having a picnic, bungee jumping, rollerblading, cycling, snowboarding, bird watching, watching TV, eating out, playing chess.

Indoor Outdoor summer Outdoor winter All season outdoor
  1. Among the names of some extreme sports find the pair for every word. Give your answers below.

e.g. Scuba + diving = Scuba diving / wind + surfing = wind surfing

1. rock 2. para 3. skiing 4. chuting 5. jumping
6. boarding 7. sky 8. diving 9. surf 10. wind


1) Scuba _______ 6) ________ boarding

2) ________ gliding 7) ________ diving

3) Water __________ 8) Snow _________

4) _______ climbing 9) _________ surfing

5) Bungee _________ 10) Para __________

  1. What do you call a person who…?
  1. does the long jump? a long-jumper 5. does gymnastics?
  2. rides horses in races? 6. plays hockey?
  3. drives cars in races? 7. plays football?
  4. throws the discus / javelin? 8. does the pole-vault?

Organize these words and put them in the correct columns below.

Swimming, gloves, crash helmet, course, football, racket, track, ring, boots, pool, motor racing, clubs, tennis, net, court, golf, pitch, trunks, boxing, goals, costume, shorts, whistle, vest

Sport Place Equipment


  1. Match the free-time activities with the verbs to do / to go / to play.
Activity Answer
ballet, basketball, video games, camping, horse riding, karate, swimming, judo, skiing, gymnastics, fishing, volleyball, the piano, canoeing ‘I go / do / play ………………..in my free time.’


  1. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.

valuable, afford, traditional, weird, video arcades, rhythm

  1. My grandfather used to have dancing classes when he was young and he still has great _____ .
  2. I would love to take up sailing, but it’s such an expensive hobby that I can’t _____ it.
  3. The boy who lives next door is a bit ______ . He collects fingernails!
  4. My father has reduced my pocket money because he says I spend it all in _____!
  5. Sarah’s grandmother has a collection of very old and ______ coins.
  6. My aunt collects _____ clothes from all over the world.


  1. Read the following dialogues.

-Do you have a hobby?

- Yes.

- What’s that?

- I like to photograph.

- What else?

- I liked to play baseball when I was a child.

- Do you play it now?

- No. Unfortunately, I don’t have free time now.



- What sports do you play?

- I like figure skating.

- Do you know how to skate?

- A little bit.

- I skate too.

- Maybe we’ll skate together on Sunday?

- Yes, good idea.



- Do you like swimming?

- No.

- What a shame.

- Why?

- I wanted to invite you to the pool.

- Thank you.

- And what do you like to do?

- I like playing computer games. And you?

- I work on a computer a lot, therefore I like swimming during my free time.



- Excuse me. Could you please take a picture of us with this camera?

- Sure. Which button do I press to shoot?

- This one.

- Do I have to focus it?

- No, this is a focus-free camera. All you have to do is point and press the button.

- All right. Say ‘cheese’.

  1. Complete the sentences using the words and phrases in the box.
Ø I _________ going to the cinema. Do you want to come? Ø Jerry ________ not taking up dancing lessons when he was younger. Ø Sam’s mother _________ taking up a hobby instead of sitting around all day. Ø Harry’s dad _________ to the new friends Harry has made at the gym. He thinks they will get him into trouble. Ø Tania _________ to start ballet lessons. She has been asking for them for a long time. Ø Freddy said that he doesn’t _________ learn the piano. He prefers the violin. Ø Jim’s mum __________ bought him a stereo. He spends all his money on CDs now. Ø Malcolm __________ visiting India. He loves traveling. Ø Many people __________ my hobby, but that’s because they don’t understand it. wishes she hadn’t feel like can’t wait don’t approve of want to objects suggested regrets is looking forward to


  1. Read the text below. Use the words or their derivatives that fit in the gap.

Music Festivals

People have always gone to concerts to hear their favorite musicians perform. Since the 1960s, a related form of _________ has grown in __________: the music festival. A music festival is usually organized over a couple of days and is like a series of mini-concerts from a number of artists. The _________ get to see different acts and usually have to pay an _________ fee to get into the festival. At larger festivals, such as Glastonbury in the UK, they can then choose which stage to visit. It can be very _________ and the crowd shows their ___________ of the musicians by dancing and cheering. At many festivals, other are also organized, such as juggling or fire-eating displays. The first major festival took place in America at a place called Woodstock. It was free, and the __________ was very high – many thousands of people got together at this very event. Many of the musicians who performed there went on to become very ___________ . entertain popular spectate enter excite appreciate active fame


  1. Write / make up a story (cram story, a letter) on the given situations using topical vocabulary.

1. You are going to Germany on holiday. Write to an old friend who moved there many years ago to inform him of your visit and to make arrangements to meet.

2. Your daughter is not happy with her ballet dances classes. She says there are too many children in one class. Complain to the ballet school explaining the problem and offering the suggestion.

3. You recently went on a rafting weekend where you had a bad accident. Send to the organizers a thanking letter for their help and professional service.

4. You want to make a national competition for young musicians. Write a newspaper advertisement about it.

5. Write a letter to the manager of your favorite football team asking if you and your friend can visit the stadium and possibly meet some of the players.


  1. Fill in the text with the word that best fits each gap.

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