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Things go better with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is enjoyed all over the world. 1.6 billion gallons are sold every year, in over one hundred and sixty countries. The drink was invented by Dr John Pemberton in Atlanta as a health drink on 8 May 1886, but it was given the name Coca-Cola by his partner, Frank Robinson, because it was originally made from the coca (cocaine) plant. In the first year, only nine drinks a day were sold.

The business was bought by a man called Asa Candler in 1888, and the first factory was opened in Dallas, Texas, in 1895. Coca-Cola is still made there. Billions of bottles and cans have been produced since 1895, but the recipe is still kept secret!

Diet Coke has been made since 1982, and over the years many clever advertisements have been used to sell the product. It is certain that Coca-Cola will be drunk far into the twenty-first century.

a) Do you drink Coca-Cola? Do you think these facts about Coca-Cola are true or false?

- 1.6 billion gallons are sold every day.

- Coca-Cola is drunk in every country in the world.

- It was invented in the USA.

- It is nearly 100 years old.

b) Try to remember the whole sentences about Coca-Cola.


  1. Match the story with the correct words and get the following information. Can you think of any pastry origin in your own country?

to make, to become, to grow, to eat, to open (2), to call, to prefer, to give, to buy  

History of the Hamburger

The hamburger is the most eaten food of the world. The first hamburger (1) ______ and sold in Connecticut in 1895 by an American chef called Louis Lassen. Louis (2) ______ them hamburgers because he (3) ______ the recipe by sailors from Hamburg in Germany. Hamburgers (4) ______ a favorite in America in the early part of the 20th century. Their popularity (5) _____ even more after the Second World War, when they (6) _____ in large quantities by teenagers who (7) _____ fast food to family meals. In 1948 two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald (8) _____ a drive-in hamburger restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Since then over 25,000 McDonald’s restaurants (9) _____ worldwide and now 35 million McDonald’s hamburgers (10) _____ every day in 115 countries from India to the Arctic Circle.


  1. Study restaurant facilities and tell:

Ø Which of the given is the most often visited personally by you?

Ø Which one is the most popular / common in your city (town) / country?

Ø What is specific about food served there?

Ø Which from the list would you choose to start your own food business?


restaurant fast-food restaurant / quick-lunch restaurant mountain restaurant vegetarian restaurant wine-restaurant / wine bar luxury restaurant coffee lounge / coffee house gourmet restaurant club restaurant panorama restaurant terrace restaurant restaurant with the national cuisine informal restaurant open-air restaurant fish (seafood) restaurant self-service restaurant chop house restaurant Japanese restaurant tavern tea-room bar lobby bar / foyer bar banquet bar grill-bar / grill-room disco-bar cocktail bar mini-bar brasserie / pub poolside bar oyster bar fruit bar snack-bar café / coffee shop cafeteria pastry shop / confectioner’s (shop)



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