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  1. Match a famous shopping street with a town, a store, and a product.

Model: Oxford Street – London – Marks and Spencer – underwear and jumpers


Street Town Store Product
Oxford Street Milan Guerlain underwear and jumpers
Champs-Elysees New York Marks and Spencer leather goods
Fifth Avenue London Gucci jewellery
Via Montenapoleone Paris Tiffany’s perfume
  1. Look at the picture and guess what these people are saying.

Match up the shop (departments) with the appropriate goods. Give answers in the box.

1. Knitted wear a. drawing pin, paper clip, blotting paper
2. Haberdashery b. paperback, post stamp, greeting card
3. China and glassware c. vacuum cleaner, bulb, dish-washer
4. Stationery d. living-room suite, cabinet
5. Perfumery e. pendant, silverware, candlestick
6. Record department f. cups, plates, vases, teapots
7. Electrical equipment g. muffler, jersey, mittens
8. Newsagent’s h. bric-a-brac, silver bell
9. Furniture shop i. records
10. Hardware goods j. scissors, tape, ribbons
11. Jeweler’s k. scent, eye-shade, hand cream
12. Antique shop l. knife, screws, watering can

Say the same in one word or a phrase.

1. A shop where you can buy fashionable clothes.

2. A place with many shops, either outside or indoors.

3. A person who works in a shop.

4. The place where you can try on clothes in a shop.

5. The place where you pay for things in a shop.

6. To look round the shops without planning to buy something.

7. The shop where you buy meat.

8. The shop where you buy medicines, baby products, shampoo, etc.



Fill in the blank with the corresponding words.

price (2), cheaper, purchase, regular, discount (2), compare, advertise, shop, expensive, sale(s) (4), bargain (2), impulse, bargain(s) (2).

A word of caution about ... stores and... . Some ... stores are not actually any ... than other stores in the area. In others, the merchandise may not be only less ..., but shoddy and not worth the ... charged. Some stores perpetually advertise …, even though they never have sold the merchandise at the ‘regular’ ... . A store may ... something at a low price in the hope that if you come into the store, you will not only … that item but other items at ... prices as well. To avoid this kind of trap, ... prices at different stores to be sure you are actually getting a ... . Do not buy something you do not need or want if you are shopping where some items are on ... . Avoid ... buying. It does not mean that you can not find real ... at ... stores or at ...; it means that you must ... carefully at all times.


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