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Types of Communication

When we talk to others or write to them, communication takes place between us. But for such a communication, language is essential. Communication with the help of words is known as verbal communication. Similarly when we meet our friends, we shake our hand with them. This also conveys some meaning. This is an example of non-verbal communication. Communication without any use of words is called non-verbal communication.

Verbal communication is made through words, either spoken or written. Communication through spoken words is known as oral communication, which may be in the form of lectures, meetings, group discussions, conferences, telephonic conversations, radio message etc. In written communication, message is transmitted through written words in the form of letters, memos, circulars, notices, reports, manuals, magazines, handbooks, etc.

Non-verbal communication may be ‘Visual’, ‘Aural’ or ‘Gestural’. Sometimes you look into some pictures, graphs, symbols, diagrams etc. and some message is conveyed to you. All these are different forms of visual communication. For example, the traffic policeman showing the stop sign, a teacher showing a chart of different animals are visual communication.

Bells, whistles, buzzers, horns etc. are also the instruments through which we can communicate our message. Communication with the help of these type of sounds is called ‘aural’ communication. For example, the bell used in schools and colleges to inform students and teachers about the beginning or end of classes, siren used in factories to inform the change of work-shift of the workers are examples of aural communication.

Communication through the use of various parts of the human body, or through body language is termed as gestural communication. Saluting our national flag, motionless position during the singing of national anthem, waving of hands, nodding of head, showing anger on face, etc. are examples of gestural communication.


A. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

  1. Communication with the help of words is known as ________.
  2. Communication through spoken words is known as ________.
  3. Communication through the use of various parts of human body is known as _________.
  4. Communication with the help of pictures, symbols, diagrams etc. is known as ________.

b. Write ‘V’ to the phrase that illustrates Verbal Communication or ‘NV’ to the phrase

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