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Ex. 6. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1. Since 1976, when the Supreme Court declared that capital punishment was not unconstitutional, more than 100 people have been put to death.

2. Governor Richard Bird of Ohio has commuted the death sentences of eight out of 102 death row inmates.

3. It is understood the condemned men will appeal to President Ben Ali for clemency.

4. A Foreign Office statement urged him to show clemency towards 31 other suspects facing a retrial.

5. The executions by firing squad were carried out shortly after the Armed Forces Council had rejected appeals against the death sentences. Those executed included both military personnel and civilians.

6. The mob was angry over the acquittal of six police officers charged with the beating of an alleged Puerto Rican drug dealer.

7. In Argentina the government has proposed that sentences up to life imprisonment should be imposed on officials convicted of corruption.

Ex. 7. Write the answers to the clues in the puzzle.

1 2

3 4


6 7 8 9


10 11


15 16 17




4 This happens when the accused is found not guilty (9)

5 Spectacular robbery (5)

7 Takes money with menaces in the street (4)

10 This person is not popular with former criminal colleagues (10)

12 A glamorous profession, or a boring one? (3)

13 This might come in the form of witnesses’ testimony (8)

14 and 15 Two types of witness (3, 3)

16 Abbreviation for day of the week when this special gun is used? (3)

19 See 11 down


1The judge … the appeal, ruling that such issues were not the court’s business. (9)

2 Another word for announce in the context of sentence (4)

3These criminals like working in crowded places (11)

4American lawyers, not always in court (9)

5What a burglar does (11)

6English lawyers found in court (10)

8If you try to foil a robbery, you have a … (2)

9The man has told friends there’s no question of him … fraud charges in New York. He maintains he’s done nothing wrong. (9)

11and 19 across Some people criticize this system, where criminals get shorter sentences in return for giving evidence for the prosecution (4, 10)

17Not so good for the person paying it (4) 18Abbreviation for District Attorney (2)

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