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Ex. 5. Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the passage below.


references short-list qualifications experience vacancy apply fill in application forms interview applicants  



In times of high unemployment there are usually very many (1) … when a (2) … is advertised. Sometimes large numbers of people (3) … , and send off (4) … for a single job. It is not unusual, in fact, for hundreds of people to (5) … to a firm for one post. This number is reduced to a (6) … of perhaps six or eight, from whom a final choice is made when they all attend an (7) … . Very possibly the people interviewing will be interested in the (8) … the candidates gained at school or university and what (9) … they have had in previous jobs. They will probably ask for (10) … written by the candidates’ teachers and employers.

commute increments prospects promotion commission pension ambitious perks salary retire  


Job satisfaction is important but I have a wife and a baby so I have to think about money too. If a job interests me, I need to know what (1) … it offers and also whether there are regular annual increases, called (2) … . I want to know if I will receive a (3) … when I (4) … at the age of 60 or 65. If the job is selling a product, I’ll ask if I’ll receive a percentage of the value of what I sell, called (5) … . It is also important to know if there are extra advantages, like free meals or transport, or the free use of a car. These are called (6) … or fringe benefits. Are the future (7) … good? For example, is there a good chance of (8) … to a better job, with more money and responsibility? Is the job near my home? If it isn’t, I’ll have to (9) … every day and this can be expensive. I am very keen to be successful. I am very (10) … . I don’t want to stay in the same job all my life.


perks headhunting salary non-smokers hand-shake worth  


An oil-rich Sultan is searching for a non-smoking airline captain to become the highest paid chauffeur in the world. The pilot, who will fly the 40 million pound Boeing 747 used by Sultan Qaboos of Oman, can expect a package (1) … more than ₤ 200,000.

The health-conscious Sultan, who is offering a (2) … of at least £ 60,000, hates cigarettes, and prefers to surround himself with (3) … . Exact figures are secret, but (4) … include an expenses-paid luxury home, medical bills for consultants anywhere in the world, private schools for the children back home, free air tickets and two months’ leave a year. There would also be a handsome golden (5) … at the end of the two-year minimum contract.

Though applications are flooding into an exclusive London (6) … agency from all over the world, the Sultan is known to prefer a British pilot.

Ex. 6. Find the response from the list a–f to the stimulus statements 1–6.

1. I’ve just started a fantastic job with an advertising agency – the money’s great too.

2. It’s a job that is very unpredictable – it means I often have to think quickly.

3. The fly in the ointment is – my boss works all hours. He never leaves the office before 8 p.m.

4. It wouldn’t matter so much, but he expects all of us to do the same.

5. And there’s another manager who’s always ordering people about and setting us totally unreasonable deadlines.

6. I really like the job, but the work load is a problem. What do you think I should do?

a. So you’ve really got to be on the ball.

b. Someone who likes to throw his weight around, huh?

c. You must be over the moon!

d. You could try making a fuss and standing up for your rights – it could work wonders.

e. He is a workaholic, then?

f. He has no right to work you so hard. A real slave-driver!

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