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Traditional medicine, folk medicine (healing).

The methods of traditional medicine are homeopathy, hirudotherapy, manual therapy, reflexology, herbal medicine and treatment by means of natural origin. The right to do healing has a person with medical education in the presence of proper license.

Conducting mass healing sessions including the use of mass media, is prohibited. Persons who illegally work in traditional medicine (healing) will be judged in accordance with the laws.

Speaking. Complete the sentence.

1) Medical activity includes….

2) In an emergency pre-doctor……

3) According to the decision…..

4) The activities of organizations….

5) Emergency medical assistance….

6) Providing medical care…..

7) Nursing care is carried out…..

8) The methods of traditional medicine……

9) The right to do healing…

10) Persons who illegally work…….


Writing. Translate the following sentences:

1)Pre-doctor care is administered by health professional, who has secondary medical education.

2)Tertiary health care is medical care provided by experts specialized in diseases that require the use of new technologies of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

3)Health and social care is medical care provided by dedicated professionals to the people with socially significant diseases and diseases that are a danger to others.

4)Socially significant diseases include: tuberculosis, HIV (AIDS), hepatitis B, C, cancer, diabetes, mental disorders, cerebral palsy, rheumatism and other.

5)Providing medical care is carried out by delivery of qualified specialists to the place of destination or transportation of the patient to the appropriate medical organization by various kinds of transport.

Writing. Fill in the table.

Noun Verb adjective adverb


Citizen, professional, include, provide, disease, medical, illegally, prohibit, various, budget, appropriate, incurably-ill, license, require, available, prevention, preventive, prevent.

Speaking. Make up your own sentences with the following word-combinations:

1) Medical activity

2) Kinds of medical aid

3) Methods of diagnosis

4) New technologies

5) Socially significant diseases

6) Palliative care

7) Round-the-clock supervision

8) Proper care and nutrition

9) Medical rehabilitation

10) Traditional medicine


Speaking. Answer the following questions.

1)What is healthcare?

2)What does medical activity include?

3)What kinds of medical aid do you know?

4)What forms of care delivery do you know?

5)Which forms of care delivery are wide spread?


Speaking. Give a definition to the following:

1) Pre-doctor care

2) Health and social care

3) Primary medical care

4) Hospital care

5) Emergency medical service

6) Air medical service

7) Health and social care

8) Restorative care and medical rehabilitatin

9) Palliative care and nursing care

10) Traditional medicine

Speaking. Make up a dialogue on the theme “System of administering medical aid to the people of Kazakhstan”.


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