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Without detailed reading discuss what 3 tips out of these 15 can best work for the youth problems.

3.Read the article for more ideas and pay attention to the expressions used there. Guess the meaning of the following combinations (1 – 6), matching them with the explanations below (a – f)

1. to bolster well-being

2. to get stuck in a rut

3. to get sucked into smth.

4. to coast through life

5. to get rid of rotten eggs

6. to chip away at one's mood

a) to stop in development doing only habitual things

b) to uphold smb's health and welfare

c) to break disturbing habits

d) to become involved

e) to spoil emotional condition

f) to flow through life without being focused on smb's achievements


4._ Choose the tip that you think is the best one and add as many details to its description as possible. Share this tip with others.

 building A Vocabulary of success


What is well-being for you? Does it look the same as your friend's image of success? Hardly so. Everyone has his/her own idea of happiness and welfare, and discribes it in a unique way. In Section B of this Unit you made a personal Vocabulary to speak about problems. Now you are going to compile aVocabulary of success.

1.Look at the photos below. Do you know any of these young people? What do you think they might have in common?

A) B)
C) D)


Alex Fraiser, 16 World’s Top Young Blogger Alex and his business partner, 24-year-old Seth Waite, launched their first product – a web theme modeled after Blogussion’s unique style – to immediate success. With an Alexa rankingà under 20,000, Blogussion is now the highest ranking blog by a 16-year-old on the Internet.
Scan their profiles from the site juniorbiz.com and try to guess “who is who”.

Farrhad Acidwalla, 16 Top Young Indian Entrepreneur Farrhad has launched Rockstah Media, a cutting-edge company devoted to web development, marketing, advertisement, and branding. It is just over a year old but it has clients and a full fledged team of developers, designers and market strategists spread across the globe.
Adora Svitak, 12 Tiny Literary Giant Adora is a 12-year-old who has published two books and transformed her writing success into speaking and teaching success. She has spoken at over 400 schools and presented at the annual TED conference. She has been featured on Good Morning America and on CNN.
Adam Horwitz, 18 $1.5 Million in Three Days Adam has learned from his mistakes and now teaches people how to make money online. His courses, ‘Tycoon Cash Flow’ and ‘Cell Phone Treasure’, have each earned over $100,000. His latest, ‘Mobile Monopoly’, bagged $1.5 million in three days and set all sorts of affiliate marketing records.  
à Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of Amazon.com that is known for its toolbar used to rank web site traffic.  
à TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate "ideas worth spreading."  


3.Do the highlighted words hinder your reading in the previous task? Many doubts they did. But even if you think so, try not to look for the meanings of these words in a dictionary – guess them out of the context. The matching chart will help you:

cutting-edge lord, magnate, nabob
full fledged advanced, up-to-date, state-of-the-art
the highest ranking to be a fun of the fair, to be invited as a star turn
tycoon possessing all the possible and necessary qualities, authorities or rights
to bag the best
to be featured to get rich, to get and pile smth. in big quantity

4.To enrich your vocabulary of success work with a dictionary:

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