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We remind you that the technique of Mind-mapping is described in Appendix 1.

You can look for some ideas about youth challenges when fulfilling tasks to Video Recordings (see p. 34)

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chanique Resolved Question The problem which youth face in today's world?
  debijs   Best Answer- Chosen by Voters I think the biggest concern for the youth today would have to be insecurity. Kids have no safety in their lives and that has to affect their dynamics. It's scary for them to go to school, walk through a neighborhood, shop at the mall, etc. This certainly wasn't something my generation ever feared - their own peers! Another concern is so many electronics and planned activities. Do kids ever get to or have a chance to develop their imaginations? Both parents usually have to work, so many split families. So to me it would just be a huge, scary, insecure, world to grow up in. To be a well adjusted adult I think you have to have basic needs met, safe and secure environment and imagination that creates problem solving skills along with great thinkers. I feel bad for harsh world these kids have to deal with nowadays!
    Legandiv Other answers Who can one trust for truths and justice, when there seem to be so many liars and dangerous people at the highest levels of government around the world... right down to even one's boss, and one's family members.
Lover13 Trying to fit in, be loved, find love from the opposite sex, feel like they belong, be resistant against drugs and peer pressure, and thinking about their future. Plus all the drama teens cause other teens.  
Julia B Too many parents wanting to be friends with their children instead of parents. Too many parents giving their children EVERYTHING and not teaching them that they can't have everything they want. Basically they are spoiled rotten.  
Nick i am a youth. and i dont know what youre talking about. Some of these answers are weird. If youre not in our position, i dont think you can really explain what problems we face. and you cant assume that we all have the same problems.
furrykun   Hmm...To start, all the stereotypes clouding over us. Society often times makes us out to be these selfish people who are ungrateful because sometimes we aren't always happy. Another is peer pressure. A person is never truly free until they feel comfortable with themselves, and in teen years at school and all that it is hard to feel comfortable with yourself sometimes. And for some there is the pressure of tomorrow. We are the generations to come, the generations expected to clean up the messes of the generations before us. from http://answers.yahoo.com


Now look through an Internet forum discussion of youth problems. Do the problems its participants name differ a lot from those that you included into your Mind map? Complete your map with the ideas from the forum.

2.^ Read the forum again. Try to guess what the highlighted words mean.

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