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Task 6. Find in the text the words and word combinations with similar meaning to the ones in bold.

1. Abnormal extension _______________of aorta is a dangerous condition as it can lead to profuse internal bleeding causing very fast death.

2.After invention of anaesthesia surgical procedures became possible; though, generalized infection________________ after an operation kept on increasing the rate of mortality.

3. Infectious diseases of the lungs caused by mycobacteria ________________ can be treated either pharmaceutically or surgically.

4. A malignant tumor, arising in connective tissue, ________________ is the most dangerous among all tumors.

5. Inflammation of bony tissue ________________ is a serious condition which requires a long-term treatment.

6.Operation on the lungs andother organs of the chest cavity________________ has become less dangerous as the surgical procedures are performed without collapse of the lungs.

7.In surgery of the GI tract ulcers and tumors are cut ________________ and that gives the possibility to prolong patientís life.

8.Patients with mechanical jaundice are recommended to undergo the surgical excision of the gallbladder________________.


Task 7. Fill the gaps with the missing words. Use the words in bold.

antibiotics anaesthesia ameliorate infection (2) valve oesophagus congenital

1.With the introduction of antiseptic methods and ____________ surgery entered its modern phase.

2.Louis Paster established the fact that microorganisms are responsible for ___________________and diseases.

3.In the XX century has benefited from an improved understanding of causes of shock and its treatment, knowledge of blood types and the development of ______________ to control infection.

4.Nowadays ultrasound waves are used to break up ______________ instead of cholecystectomy.

5.Today thoracic surgery is concerned with conditions of the lungs, chest wall, ___________________, diaphragm and is generally dominated by treatment of malignant disease.

6.In cardiac surgery many operations on the heart are performed to replace the tight or leaky heart _______________.

7.Repairs of ____________ heart defects are currently estimated to have 4Ė6% mortality rates.

8.The patientís abdominal cavity was cleaned from collected exudates in order to ____________ his suffering.

Task 8. Put the sentences into the correct order according to the text.

Corrective surgery is used to improve cognitive or acquired deformity.  
Much has been achieved in surgery of the female generative organs such as uterus, ovaria or Fallopian tubes.  
Another major obstacle was removed when J. Lister applied the discovery of L. Pasteur to surgery and formulated his theory about sepsis.  
The first operation in treatment of aneurism by legating the blood vessel was performed in America.  
Some surgeries are performed to relieve suffering especially in the relief of cancer.  
Ovariotomy was the notable event which signaled the era of modern surgery.  
Some types of surgical procedures are used to treat diseases.  
Today surgery is employed for different aims: diagnosis, excision of a tissue sample, correction of deformity or treatment of the disease.  
The barrier to the progress in actual operations was removed with discovery of anaesthesia.  
In patients with lung cancer or tuberculosis portions of lungs can be removed safely.  

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