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Verbs and their collocations in the context of sport


Our team won/lost by three goals/points.

She broke the Olympic record last year.

He holds the record for the 100 metres breast-stroke.

Liverpool beat Hamburg 4-2 yesterday.

The team have never been defeated. [more formal than beat]

How many goals/points have you scored this season?

I think I'll take up bowls next spring and give up golf.


People who do particular sports

-er can be used for many sports, e.g. footballer, swimmer, windsurfer, high-jumper, cricketer, golfer, etc. Player is often necessary, e.g. tennis-player, snooker-player, darts-player; we can also say football-player, cricket-player. Some names must be learnt separatel e.g. canoeist, cyclist, mountaineer, jockey, archer (not archerer), gymnast.


Give names for the illustrated sports.



1. ___________or s____________ 2. _______________________y 3. ______________t__________ 4. ______c________ 5. ________1_______ 6. __________m____________ 7. ____________________-ball 8. g _______________________ 9. h_________ j _______ 10. ____k__________


Match the following sports with the right pictures.


... rowing ... javelin ... pole vault ... hurdles ... fencing ... relay race ... wrestling


Complete the following sentences with the words or phrases from the list below.


captain football ground (or pitch) goal referee coach footballer kick-off score draw fouls league soccer fair free (or penalty) kick opponents


1. What Europeans call "football", Americans call .. .

2. The instructor of the team is the .

3. When you play in a football team you are a .

4. The games take place on a .. .

5. The leader of the team is the . .

6. The man in the .. is the goal-keeper.

7. The beginning of the match is the .. .

8. During the match each team tries to .. as many goals as possible.

9. When the teams have scored the same number of goals we say it's a

10. The players of the other team are the .

11. The man who enforces the rules during the game is the ... .

12. Playing correctly is called .. play.

13. Unfair moves are called . .

14. When a player breaks the rules the other team may get a .

15. A federation of football clubs is called a football .

18. Fill in the table putting + whereappropiate


relay racing          


Match the names of the footballers with their position on the




... centre back ... goal keeper ... right back . . . left back . . . midfield players . . . strikers



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