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Match the event in the history of metrology with the corresponding picture.

1. The earliest examples of metrology were regional or local authorities using simple arbitrary standards often based on the length of a thumb or arm or other convenient measures.


2. Length, time, and weight are the earliest examples of standardized measures that were established in order to record human activity and facilitate commerce.


3. The French Revolution was also an important time for metrology because with it came a movement to base all units of measure on nature and made them free and universal for everyone.


4. In 1889 CGPM sanctions the international prototypes for the metreand the kilogram. Together with the astronomical secondas unit of time, these units constituted the basis of the present unit system. Later kelvin, candela, ampereandmolewere added (The International System of Units (SI)).

5.The CIPM(comité international des poids et measures) is made up of eighteen individuals, each from a different State. Its principal task is to promote worldwide uniformity in units of measurement


6. The history of the National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology" began with the opening of the first in Ukraine Calibration Chamber for verifying and marking trade measures and scales in Kharkiv in 1901.

a b c

d f g


9. Arrange the words according to similar meaning:

Deception, error, standard, exclusively, borrowed from, therefore, to establish, only, reliable, to overcome difficulties, defined, kept, mentioned, trustworthy, attempt, to set up, fault, distinguished, fraud, to get over the difficulties, established, deposited, taken from, profession, endeavour, criterion, founded, consequently, referred to, occupation.

10. Arrange the words according to similar meaning:

Inconvenient, lack, international commerce, reduction, retard, decreasing, ordinary sufficiency, simple, early, arbitrary, late, increasing, possible, slowly, advance, complex, impossible, extraordinary, expension, nonrandom, simplicity, domestic commerce, limited, convenient, rapidly, complexity, independent, dependent.

11. Fill in the gaps with the following words:

depending on however finally while despite thus during in cases of

measurement of distances of big scale, the units were constituted by the distance of stone shot, the period of the sun, of the moon etc. the circumstances similar units are still used. the common root of most of metrical systems, these systems differed from place to place. we had the parallel growth of many systems that rendered the transactions among populations difficult, the small number of them had not created the need for finding of a world wide commonly acceptable metrical system.

the years due to the growth of societies the measurements became more complex, mathematics allowed the creation of specialized metrical units suitable for commercial and scientific use.
the increase of commercial transactions among populations made obvious the need for existence of less metrical systems.

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