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Your ideas concerning the internship

Application form for young professionals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Germany.

Please refer to Guideline for Application 2016

Part one to be filled in by the applicant

Part two to be filled in by the applicant’s home organisation




Please upload your photograph



Information about the person

Family name  
First name  
Date of birth  
Place of birth  

In sections 2.-8. provide complete information in chronological order.

2. Education/studies/training (without elementary school)


School/institute/university Subject From – to (month/year) Certificate/diploma

Experience abroad

Country Type of stay (holiday/internship/professional/other) Length of stay (month/year)

4. Knowledge of languages (Please mark where applicable)


Language mother tongue very good good sufficient basic knowledge


Other special knowledge and interests (e.g. EDP, hobbies, sports)


Previous internships


Place, country institution/organisation Field of work Length from – to (month/year)

Professional experience


Place, country company/institution/organisation Field of work Length from – to (month/year)


Voluntary work


Place, country institution/organisation Field of work Length from – to (month/year)

Information about your present professional or volunteer activity in your home organisation

Is your present activity within your home organisation professional or voluntary?

professional voluntary
Organisation/institution address, place, country, webpage  
Your position/function  
Explain your field, activities of work and responsibility  
Starting date of your work (month/year)  
Partner organisations and /or projects abroad  

Reasons for your application for CrossCulture Internships Programme (CCP)


a) Below, please reply to the following questions:

· What motivates you to apply for an internship in Germany/in one of the eligible countries?

· What expectations do you have with regards to an internship in Germany/in one of the eligible countries? What would you like to experience and learn?

· What makes you an interesting candidate for your respective hosting organisation in Germany/in one of the eligible countries? What of your experiences is most important for you to share?



b) How did you learn about the CrossCulture Internships Programme?


Additional remarks



Your ideas concerning the internship


a) In which work area would you like to work and which topic(s) would you like to address during an internship (for the work areas of CCP refer to the Guideline for Application 2016)?




b) Do you know a specific organisation/institution in Germany/in one of the eligible countries where you would like to do an internship?

yes no



If yes, please name an organisation/institution. If you have been in direct contact with them, please inform us about that contact. Why do you want to do an internship with that organisation? Do you have an idea with regards to future contacts, project or cooperation between your home and respective host organisation.




If you don´t know a specific organisation/institution yet, state your ideas about topics, expertise or projects that you and your home organisation could provide to initiate cooperation and projects. You may check the CCP alumni network for respective host organisations online.




d) Which period of time do you prefer for your CCP? You may also write “any time” if any period of the year will be possible for your internship.

Please note: earliest beginning of CCP for all applicants is July 2016. The internship can be conducted until mid-December 2016 at the latest.


From (month) To (month) Additional Remarks

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