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Use the correct form of the verb to be (am/am not/is/ isn't / aren't).

1. Paris ______ the capital of France. 2. I ______ interested in football. 3. I ______ hungry. 4. It ______ warm today. 5. Rome ___ in Spain. 6. I ______ afraid of dogs. 7. My hands ______cold. 8. Canada ______ a very big country. 9. The Amazon ______ in Africa. 10. Diamonds ______ cheap. 11. Motor-racing ______ a dangerous sport. 12. Cats ______ big animals.

Animals and the environment

The environment is whet you find around you. The plants, water, soil and climate are all part of your environment.

Man keeps animals which are suited to his needs and his environment. There is a limit to the number of animals which we can keep in any area. If we ignore these facts we can have management and health problems in our livestock and damage to the local environment.

Different breeds (types) of animal

Throughout the world man keeps animals which are suited to the local environment. Feed, water and climate are the main factors which determine what animals are in any one region. As a result of this we find a large variety of animal breeds throughout the world.

In England sheep have thick woolly fleeces to protect them against cold winters. In Somalia, where the climate is very hot, the sheep have light, hairy coats


Friesian cows produce a lot of milk on the good grasslands in countries with cool weather conditions. In India the Sahiwal cattle are good milk producers in the hot tropics.


In China pigs are fed on food which is mainly roughage and so developed a pot-belly to use this type of food. In Europe pigs are fed a lot of grain and have leaner bodies.

Remember that the livestock in your community developed over a long time. They are accustomed to your environment.

Sometimes people want to introduce new breeds to an area. This must be carefully considered and advice taken from knowledgeable persons as the new breeds may not be suited to the new environment.

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