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(1) The technical definition of environmental sociology is the sociological study of how humans interact with the various aspects of the environment. In other words: how people treat the various aspects of the environment such as pollution, conservation and recycling. This type of study is one that is vital when it comes to helping find better ways for both nature and mankind to interact, propagate and thrive.

(2) There are two schools of thought when it comes to environmental sociology. They are constructivism and realism. The constructivists tend to be those individuals who develop ways that will help to improve the environment, however, they do tend to be on the more extremist side in their methods. The realists are those who want to help find the solutions needed to improve the environment, however, these individuals also understand that there are some concessions that need to be made out of necessity for the benefit of humans.

(3) While there may be many individuals who donít see any validity in the study of environmental sociology, aside from the academic interest, there are, in fact, several reasons why this course of study is such a vital one. Consider the aspect that, without knowing how the environment and society interact, it becomes all too easy to put a strain on one that later has devastating effects on the other.

(4) However, by understanding the correlation between these two aspects of life it makes finding a happy balance that benefits both Mother Nature and mankind a much easier proposal than what it could be when lacking the necessary information.

(5) There are several benefits to be found when it comes to environmental sociological studies. Of course the first and most obvious benefit that can be derived from this course of study is a much more enlightened sense of the give and take that transpires between humans and their environmental surroundings.

(6) However, there are more, subtle, benefits that can be derived from this type of study. One such benefit would be the ability to conduct analytical research that can help when it comes to finding a careful balance that helps benefit mankind, as well as preserving as much of the environment as possible.

(7) Keep in mind that the basis of environmental sociology is to be able to determine how mankind and nature interact with each other; using this information helps when it comes to determining a happy medium that allows both to benefit each other as much as possible while causing as little inconvenience to each other as possible.

(8) The bottom line is that the study of environmental sociology is one that is a necessity to help in the preservation of both man and nature. Not only does this type of study help allow humans to be better able to understand how their actions affect nature, but it gives them the opportunity to change the negative actions so that the damage can be kept to a minimal and even possibly reversed. None of these benefits could be made possible without utilizing this course of study. (2570)

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