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What do you like doing in your free time?

Letís talk about leisure time.

During the week my social life is nonexistent. When I come back from school, Iím mentally tired. I can barely do my homework, let alone do something interesting. But life becomes very monotonous without some break in daily routine. When Iím not studying, Iím trying to find ways to keep myself from being bored. I have several hobbies and interests which occupy me after school, both in and out the house. Sometimes I wonder how I fit them all into my schedule because I have a lot of homework each night and not much time. My main hobbies and interests areÖ

1. Iíve never really enjoyed passive forms of entertainment. The minute I get home from school, I put on my trainers and go for a run in the basketball park (play to the gym). It really gets rid of all the tension that builds up in me through the day. I go to the gym four times a week. My friends donít understand why I donít just lounge in front of the TV like they do, but the truth is that I just donít feel relaxed when Iím sitting around doing nothing.


2. I watch a lot of movies. DVD has got to be the best thing my parents have ever bought. Now I spend almost all my free time watching films. I had a video before, of course, but this is the next step up. The digital quality is just so much better than videos, and of course the discs donít take up nearly as much room. My favourite way to relax in the evenings these days is to curl up on the sofa with the remote in my hand. Iíve always enjoyed watching comedy films, so it was only natural that I should start a comedy video collection.To date I have over 110 DVDs. Itís a hobby that all family can enjoy.


3. I was never a big fan of modern technology until my parents bought me a computer and I get online. Now I spend most of my evenings checking out different websites- just surfing you know. Thereís so much information there -itís amazing. Iíve learnt so many new things and Iíve even made some new friends in the chartrooms Iíve visited. Some people say that is unsocial way of passing the time, but I donít agree. My social life has improved, actually. Iíve found lots of brilliant sites and Iíve learnt all sorts of things that I never knew before.


4. It might seem a bit old-fashioned in this world of computers and high-tech gadgets, but I have to say that I prefer to make my own entertainment. My family agree with me. In the evenings we usually get together and play something fun like cards, chess, monopoly or scrabble. I think itís better for us all. We learn all kinds of useful facts when we do puzzles or crosswords. Itís a great way to improve your general knowledge. Itís relaxing, but exercises our brains at the same time.


5. Iím fond of playing computer games. Iíve got loads of games for it, and I swap them with my friends at school, so I get to play lots of different things and I never got bored.

I find it very relaxing and just sit and play in my room after school and at the weekends. Iím always trying to beat my last score for each game and to get the highest score than all of my friends.


6. People sometimes laugh when I tell them I collect unusual paper napkins, but Iím quite serious about it. I have an amazing collection of different ones all over the world. I even keep the in photo albums so they donít get damaged. I always manage to find unique and interesting napkins. My favourites are the ones I picked up in Taiwan; they are brightly coloured and beautiful elaborate designs on them. I find it very rewarding as well as educating pastime.


7. I love listening to music, dancing to music and relaxing with music. I always buy music magazines and have a wide range of CDs and cassettes including soul, reggae pop, classical, ďoldiesĒ dating back to the sixties, rock and easy listening. My mum is always telling me off for putting my hi-fi on too loud. Iím looking forward to visiting explosive show of my favourite rock group and listening to their smash-hit tunes.

I started playing the guitar when my parents bought me a guitar for my 12th birthday. I learn to play my favourite songs.


8. Iíve always enjoyed dancing, but ballroom dancing is something special. You get to dress up in fancy clothes and meet interesting people who share your hobby. It also keeps you fit and improves your coordination. The hardest part is finding somebody to dance with. Luckily, I have a really nice dance partner called Ted. We even won a trophy in last year competition. I began ballroom dancing five years ago and it looks as though Iíll be doing it for a long time.

I think hobbies and interests are an important factor of life. They help us to relax and forget problems for a short while. They can be fun, educational, satisfying and also you can pursue them when you are old and retired.


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