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Belarus and Scientific Cooperation.

Belarus. International Cooperation.

At present Belarus is a sovereign, independent state with its own government, constitution, coat of arms, flag and national anthem.

Its biggest enterprises and factories produce high quality goods rending from heavy- duty trucks and tractors to refrigerators, TV sets and watches.

Our country exports heavy lorries, tractors, motorcycles, bicycles, TV and radio –sets, data processing equipment and gas stoves, refrigerator and furniture, carpets and knitted goods, chemical fibres and fertilizers, agricultural products, potassium salts.

Belarus has to import oil, gas, coal, metal, chemicals and cotton. Together with grain, sugar, vegetable oil, fish products, citrics, tea, coffee and wine they are the main items of Belarusian imports.

Belarus is a member of the CIS (the Community of Independent States)

Belarus has good trade relations with Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany and Poland. The country is connected with its neighbours by its wide network of rail, -high and waterways, not to mention air routes.

International economic and cultural activity of Belarus today are becoming more and more intensive. It contributes to the world peace, friendship and cooperation among nations.

Belarusian people value peace and want to be on good –neighbourly items with all other nations. They pay tribute to their ancestors and believe that the country with such a unique history and rich cultural heritage have a happy future.

This is how I see my Motherland, young and old, beautiful land full of pride, independent and neutral, a country that is situated in the heart of Europe where all roads meet.


( + Pushchina, p. 153 ”Welcome to the Republic of Belarus”)



Cultural Cooperation Slavyanski Bazar

The musical festival Slavyanski Bazar was opened in Vitebsk in 1992 for the first time. Ever since, Vitebsk has annually been the meeting place of singers, composers and other artists from many countries of the world. It was decided to create a carnival of arts that would include folklore, music, dancing, singing and crafts events as indispensable elements.

Art festivals are not enoulty for the city. For years Vitebsk has been the venue of the Mark Shagal Festivals. The festival is widely broadcast on TV, Belarusian and Russian television. The festival was recognized as member of the International Federation of Festivals Organizations.

Belarus and Scientific Cooperation.

Many Belarusian scientists have always enjoyed a worldwide reputation. Among them are:

a well-known mathematician Academician V.P. Platonov;

Academician N.A. Borissevich, an authority in the field of molecular spectography, known for his studies of pre-historic rivers;

Academician G. I. Goretsky, known in the European part of Russia;

Academician P.I. Alsmic - potato selectionist;

Boris Kit


Belarusian scientists are not the least in such fields of science as

Nuclear Energetics, Geology, Thermophysics , Radio Engineering, Biology, Bacteriology.


The achievements of Belarusian geologists are evident in the discovery and exploration of some deposits of potassium salts, petroleum, polymetallic ores and other minerals on the territory of the Republic.


Many thermophysicists of Belarus work out and put into practice highly efficient technological processes of drying grain, food products, medicinal and bacteriological compounds, of stabilizing microcircuits5 in radio engineering.


It can't be said too much about the achievements of Belarusian scientists in all fields of science. The achievements are great. They might be much more impressive if it were not for the economic difficulties the Belarusian people face at present.

But we are optimists and believe in the better nearest future.


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