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Part 5

Now OASIS: open, advanced The next on the list concerns eye contact see. Eye contact is extremely important and it should start as soon as you are walking out. At the same time, people feel involved, you are getting feedback by looking at the people, and attracting people that are sitting there in the room. You can see them chatting to one another, somebody is checking their SMS, somebody is writing something down. So, its giving you important information.

Another thing is about feet. Try and have both feet facing the public. If one foot is turning away, the perception can be negative because you are half with the public and half so as running away.

So, open, advanced and see Next on the list concerns breathing inhale. Take a paragraph from the book and read each word with the same power breathing out at the same time. By the end of the paragraph you would be completely out of breath. But if you practice this kind of the exercise many times during a month, at the end of the month you will be able to do this exercise three times that paragraph on one breath. If you have breath actors and singers talk about, you will be able to modulate your voice and it will be more interesting to listen to you, because the intonation is going to change. Modulating the voice is very important. Practice tongue-twisters to improve your articulation your comprehension from the publics point of view.

So, now the last word As we are feeling a little bit tense, a little bit nervous, we forget to do this. The last S means smile. If you smile, you look happy to be there, you look comfortable.


13.19. Fill in the table. The first line is already done for you.

OASIS Technique

O open Use open gestures.


13.20. Make your presentation according to the model.

Steps of the Presentation Useful phrases
HOOK (optional)   Did you know that Suppose According to the latest study, Statistics show that Have you ever wondered why Have you ever been in the situation where Well, imagine Do you think thats possible? When I think about Im reminded of
GREETING Perhaps we should begin. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! My names
INTRODUCING YOURSELF My names Let me introduce myself. Im from
STATING THE PURPOSE OF YOUR PRESENTATION This morning Id like to - discuss - tell you - report on - take a look at - and present
So, Ill start by   - giving you an overview of - make a few observations about - outlining
And then Ill go on to - highlight what I see as the main - put the situation into some kind of perspective - make detailed recommendations regarding
MAIN POINTS 1) 2) 3) On the one hand, . On the other hand, . As a matter of case, . Traditionally, . However, Its true that In theory . In practice . Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, And finally
CONCLUSION So, that concludes my talk about To sum up To conclude this talk Id just like to emphasize
QUESTIONS AND DISCUSSION If you have any questions youd like to ask, Ill be happy to answer them. Feel free to ask any questions you like.




1. Read the text Environment and fill in the tables below.


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